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Area Lights| LED Parking Lot Lights

Choose from the large selection of LED area lights including LED pole lights, LED post top lights, LED yard lights, and LED flood lights fixtures. If you need to retrofit your current shoebox and parking lot fixtures, Bees Lighting offers a variety of LED retrofit kits and LED corn bulbs.

What is Area Lighting?

Area lighting is generally site lighting fixtures that illuminates a large outdoor spaces. They are used in parking lots, walkways, building grounds, streets and surrounding areas. The main purpose of outdoor area light is to increase safety and provide security. 

Advantages of LED Area Lights

LED Area Light fixtures provide up to 70% energy savings comparing to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures. The LED area luminaire saves up to $150 per light per year, over 400 watts metal halide.  With the longevity of LED technology, the LED area lights eliminate costly lamps and ballast changes and thus lowering total maintenance costs. 

Due to the nature of LED technology, LED area light fixtures provide distributional light distribution. With the help of optics and louvers, the LED area lights can deliver precise and uniform lighting experience. It provides no up-light and can be dark sky complaint. Another advantage of LED area lights is the flexibility of adding controls such as photocells, bi-level dimming sensors, and monitoring wireless system. 

LED Area Light Metal Halide Equivalent

LED area lights can replace up to 1000 watt metal halide shoebox fixtures. Compared to metal halide fixtures, LED area lights produce 50,000 hours of bright, uniform light for general site lighting in parking lots, walkways, and school campuses. Use 150 watts LED shoebox lights to replace 400 watt pole lights, and 300 watt LED shoebox fixtures as 1000 watt equivalent LED parking lot lights.

LED Area Light Mounting and Distribution

LED Area light fixtures can be extremely versatile with wide selection of mounting brackets. Choose from square or round pole mount, slip fitter, mast arm and wall mount brackets to fit every application.  Outdoor LED pole light heads are typically mounted on a square pole or round pole with a side arm or slipfitter mount. 

LED pole lights are mainly used for general area lighting that require high-output light.The typical light distribution options for LED parking lot lights area Type III, Type IV and Type V. Another factor to determine the appropriate LED pole light fixture is the mounting height, anywhere from 10 feet to 50 feet. 

LED Retrofit Kits for Shoebox and Post Top

LED retrofit kits can replace metal halide or HPS shoebox area lights and post top lamps. LED retrofit for metal halide area lights have a near 360° omni-directional beam angle to cover larger areas and provide better light quality. LED retrofit bulbs easily fit into shoebox fixtures or post top lamps with an E26 Edison base or E39 mogul base. These retrofit fixtures are easy to install and require minimal maintenance to reduce overhead costs. Switching to LED from HID is ideal for applications like parks, walkways, parking lots and street lights.