Security lights and flood lights are essential outdoor lighting fixtures for commercial applications. Exterior areas around your building or property need ample lighting to promote safety and security for both pedestrians and motorists. Find the best LED outdoor security light fixtures for parking lots, gas stations, car dealerships, outdoor soffits, and roadways.

What Are Outdoor Security Lights?

Security lighting is an important component of commercial outdoor lighting. More than the decorative aspect, security lights offer functional lighting that is reliable and essential for the safety of everyone. A bright and well-lit perimeter or parking lot promotes safety and peace of mind to whoever is walking by. It also reflects well on your business if your property is fully illuminated with high quality light fixtures.

There are different types of security lights for commercial lighting, and they all focus on different aspects and areas. Whether you are looking to light up building entrances, walkways, parking garages, or carports, outdoor security lights are the best options for you. They are constructed with the finest and most durable materials best suited for outdoor and wet locations. Security lights also provide the highest lumen levels for superior outdoor area lighting.

Why Are LED Security Lights Better?

LED security lighting is the new standard for outdoor commercial lighting, with their longer lifespans, higher lumen packages, and lower energy consumption. Switching to LED lighting gives you more benefits than metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures. What's more, with the use of LED technology, outdoor commercial lighting is better than ever and has more advantages compared to traditional light sources. With LED security lights, you get unmatched lighting quality with energy efficiency in one cost-friendly fixture. The most common types of LED security lights are LED flood lights, LED wall packs, LED area lights, and LED canopy lights. Here are Bees Lighting, we carry only the best brands in LED security lighting that offer the highest quality at the most affordable prices. Look for outdoor commercial fixtures from Lithonia Lighting, RAB Lighting, Cree Lighting, and Nuvo Lighting. Get low prices and free shipping when you order online all day.

Types of Outdoor Security Lights

LED Security Lights

LED security lights keep your home or commercial space safe throughout the night. One of the most common feature of LED security lights is motion detection. A motion detector or sensor is built in into the fixture so that whenever someone passes by, the light automatically activates. This is an effective deterrent for criminals and keeps the neighborhood safe for everyone. Another type of security light is the LED dusk to dawn light. These dusk to dawn flood lights turn on as soon as the sun goes down whenever light levels become low, and then turn off automatically the following morning.

Whether you choose motion activated or solar powered lights, you get the same features that LED outdoor lighting provide like extended rate life, lower power consumption, and higher energy efficiency.

LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights are the most common type of outdoor commercial lighting. They are also the most flexible because you can use them for both small scale and large scale lighting requirements. LED flood lights can be mounted different ways - knuckle mount, slipfitter mount, trunnion mount, yoke mount, or wall mount. Mounting from the top of a building or light pole directs the light downward for lighting large open areas, while mounting from the ground directs the light upward for a wall wash or uplight effect.

LED flood lights can be found anywhere from parking lots and buildings to billboards and signage. They can be used for facade lighting, accent lighting, security lighting, and any general area lighting. For large scale commercial applications, use outdoor LED commercial flood lights for up to 50,000 lumens to cover stadiums, football fields, and car dealerships.

LED Wall Packs

LED wall packs are wall mounted outdoor security lights that specialize in building perimeters and entrances. Installing LED wall packs around your property promotes safety at night. Mini wall packs are even ideal for porches and over doorways and entryways. Larger wall packs are great for industrial applications like warehouses, loading docks, and storage units. Choose from either standard LED wall packs with full forward throw light or cutoff wall packs which are Dark Sky friendly.

Having outdoor LED wall packs integrated with photocells make them more effective for security lighting purposes. Dusk to dawn LED wall packs automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day. This saves you on energy consumption which can be translated into cost savings in the long run.

LED Area Lights

LED area lights are a general type of outdoor commercial fixtures for exterior ambient lighting. Area lights are most often used in parks, car dealerships, walkways, yards, and parking lots. Different light distributions direct the light to a wider or narrower angle depending on where the fixture is installed. LED area lights are usually attached to light poles through a side arm or slipfitter mount.

Each type of LED area lights has a specific function or applications. For example, LED post top area lights are for public parks, walkways, and residential areas, LED yard lights are for farms and barns, and LED roadway lights are for streets and pathways. Area light fixtures promote safety and security by lighting up large open spaces for everyone to enjoy.

LED Canopy Lights

LED canopy lights are surface mount or recessed mount outdoor ceiling fixtures for soffits, covered walkways, parking garages, gas stations, and car washes. They are wet location rated to withstand extensive exposure to water and dust on a daily basis. LED canopy lights are great for areas with high pedestrian traffic like retail stores, tunnels, porches, and industrial areas.

There are two special types of outdoor LED canopy lights. LED parking garage lights are perfect for parking structures and carports. There are also LED gas station lights that are especially made for gas station canopies. These two types have dedicated lenses and light distributions to maximize performance in their own applications.

Security Lights & Flood Lights