Wall wash lighting makes use of downlights, flood lights and track lights to produce a wide or narrow beam of light to go on interior and exterior walls. A wall wash fixture can be mounted on the ground to produce an uplight like in the case of flood lights, or mounted recessed or surface on the ceiling to produce a downlight.

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Outdoor wall washing is common in landscape applications to emphasize the architectural style of buildings and hardscapes. It is also common in facade lighting for buildings and monuments. Indoor wall washing is used in homes and museums to highlight photographs, artwork and pieces of furniture.

Wall Washing vs. Wall Grazing

Wall washing and wall grazing are two lighting techniques used to emphasize building architectures and wall elements for decorative or landscape purposes. A wall wash effect eliminates shadows and highlights the smoothness of the wall by flooding it with bright uniform light at a wide angle. This is used to create an illusion of space and make the room feel bigger. Wall washing is also applicable for museums to light up artwork on the wall. The opposite of this is wall grazing, which enhances the texture of the wall by creating shadows. This is ideal for walls with architectural surfaces and elements. The wall grazing effect is done by mounting the fixture closer to the wall and lighting at a narrow angle.

Wall Wash Lighting

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