Soffit Lighting

A soffit is the underside of a roof, ceiling, beam, arch or eave. Soffits can be built into the interior or exterior of a house as an architectural feature for lighting or ventilation. Soffit lighting has become increasingly popular especially for decorative and accent lighting in residential and commercial applications. Soffit lighting can either be mounted recessed into the ceiling or surface mounted using a mounting bracket. Since the space inside soffits is usually smaller in height, slim or low profile fixtures are preferable to install inside the space. Using LED ceiling lights and LED accent lights for soffit lighting provides a large selection of fixtures and flexible design options like different color temperatures for a warmer ambience or wider beam angles for larger coverage.

Exterior Soffit Lighting

A variety of LED ceiling lights can be used for outdoor soffit lighting around the house or in eaves, patios, porches, doorways and driveways. Exterior soffit lighting may require damp location or wet location rated fixtures especially if the inside of the soffit comes into contact with dust, water or moisture. Wet location LED canless downlights are ideal for recessed soffit lighting because of their thinner size that can fit into smaller spaces. For commercial applications with wider soffits, LED flush mount ceiling lights and LED surface mount canopy lights are more suitable to light up larger areas. When going around buildings or homes, LED tape lights are better because of their longer runs to provide continuous light. Another advantage of LED tape lights is the choice between white and RGB colors. LED soffit lights are also used in gas station canopies to provide light above fuel pumps.

Interior Soffit Lighting

Indoor soffit lights are used for accent and architectural lighting in beams or ceiling arches inside the house. Recessed downlights are the most popular choice for interior soffit lighting in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Soffit lights work well with cove lights to create an illusion of depth on the wall or ceiling. Installing LED soffit lights in the kitchen can be used for task lighting, while a roll of LED tape lights over the bedroom improves the mood at night. There is a large selection of recessed downlights and surface mount downlights in different trim finishes, reflectors and aperture sizes to choose from. Interior soffit lighting is also widely used in hotels, restaurants and the hospitality industry as decorative elements.

Exterior Soffit and Cove Lighting