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Under cabinet lighting is the ideal task lighting solution for kitchens, coves, and counters that require bright light for everyday activities. Under cabinet lights are versatile light bars and strip lights that can be used for task or accent lighting for work spaces that require both practical and aesthetic lighting. These linear task lights increase comfort and productivity around the home so you can get more done in a shorter period of time.

The busiest places in the kitchen would be the countertops and prep areas, where tasks like cooking and preparing food would be much easier with the right amount of light and you can clearly see what you are doing. The same applies for areas like laundry rooms, sinks, and any area in your home where you do work. This is why under cabinet lighting is important. Proper lighting provides a safe space to work so you can focus and do more.

Another use for under cabinet light bars would be in closets and display cases and cabinets. A bright closet makes it easier to browse your clothes and shoes. It also projects a cleaner and more organized space. For display cases and cabinets, show off your jewelry, decorations, and furniture with proper accent lighting using puck lights. These are great for jewelry cases, China cabinets, curio cabinets, and wine closets.

The same can be said for commercial spaces, where under cabinet lights are more used for accent lighting. For example, in restaurants, bars, and clubs, LED light bars are used to accent the walls, floor, and ceiling. They also light up the counters, booths, display cases and tables. Light bars and strip lights are perfect for mood lighting in these environments to promote a fun and active atmosphere.

Under cabinet lighting is a collection of light fixtures suitable for accent and task lighting around the home or commercial spaces. They can be any of the following: light bars, strip lights, tape lights, or puck lights. You can mix and match them based on your needs and the amount of light required.

LED light bars are the most common type of under cabinet lights, and they can either be hardwired or plug in. Hardwired under cabinet lights are installed direct wire into the power source through an electrical box or junction box. Plug in under cabinet lights are outfitted with a cord and plug to plug in directly to a wall outlet. Both plug in and direct wire under cabinet lighting are dimmable with compatible LED drivers and are linkable using end-to-end connectors for continuous lighting.

LED light bars run in line voltage (120V) or low voltage (12V or 24V) for various applications like kitchen counters and cabinet fixtures, bathrooms, vanities and display cases. Choose from bronze, white, or aluminum finish to complement the design of cabinets, counters and islands.

Under cabinet LED lighting is also a great option for kitchen lighting, shelf lighting and task lighting in commercial applications like restaurants, bars and retail stores. Most under counter LED light strips have 90+ CRI so colors look better and more natural under the clean and uniform light.

Another type of under cabinet LED lighting is the LED tape lights. These are flexible LED strip lights perfect for cove lighting, soffit lighting and accent lighting to highlight architectural elements and special features. LED flexible strip lights come in reels and are field-cuttable for any length. LED under cabinet lighting tape can also be installed in countertops for bars, bathrooms and shelves in both commercial and residential applications.

Tape light varieties include color changing LED strip lights, white LED strip lights, or a combination of white and RGB. Also called LED ribbon lights, these are dimmable and come in 12V and 24V configurations. Waterproof LED strip lights are also great options for outdoor installation around building soffits, coves and banisters.

LED puck lights are round disk-shaped lights used for under cabinet lighting in display cases, cabinet fixtures and shelves. Under cabinet puck lighting can be installed surface mount or recessed mount in closets, jewelry cases, coves and other areas with limited space. 12V LED puck lights are dimmable and can be chained together for a continuous supply of light. Recessed puck lights have a low-profile perfect for utility lighting and does not produce heat that can harm artworks or displays. LED puck lights deliver strong and uniform light output and are more energy efficient than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Choose from multiple color finishes like white, bronze and brushed nickel to match the design of the surface.

Bees Lighting carries the top brands for under cabinet lights such as GM Lighting, Nuvo Lighting, MaxLite, and Nora Lighting. Our lighting experts are ready to help you find the perfect light bars for your home or office. Get low prices, discounts, and free shipping when you order online.

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