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Bees Lighting carries a wide selection of electrical supplies and lighting controls you need to complete any home or commercial electrical project. We offer high-quality electrical light controls and products from trusted electrical brands. Our assortment of electrical devices includes electrical essentials and handheld devices like light switches, dimmer controls, electrical outlets(GFCI outlets/USB outlets), motion sensor light switches, timers, wall plates, smoke alarms, extension cords, wire connectors & wire termination, ballast & drivers, electrical tools & hand tools, and more.

If you are considering making your home smart and save energy, you will find all the smart electrical components and power sources in our smart home sections which includes smart light switches, smart dimmer switches, smart outlets & plugs, smart timers, and smart LED bulbs for all types of light fixtures.

Wiring Devices

Wiring devices are used to provide input power to electrical components. Transformers and surge protectors regulate the voltage before it is directed to the fixture, while electrical switches and outlets connect the power source to the fixture. Electrical wiring devices can be sorted based on residential use for decorator switches and receptacles, or commercial and industrial use for heavy-duty plugs, connectors, and transformers.

Wall Plates

Wall plates add to the overall design by using different color finishes and textures to match or complement the color of walls and lighting controls. Choose from one gang, two gangs, three gangs, four gangs, five gangs, and six gang wall plates for flexibility in combining switches together. Wall plate designs include jumbo, screwless, and snap-on types for a cleaner and more polished look.

Ballasts and LED Drivers

LED drivers are important to provide power to fixtures during normal operation or in cases of emergency. There are different types of LED power supplies and LED drivers that match the requirements of the fixture. LED emergency battery backups are used in special cases to keep the fixture operational even when the main power source is lost. There are also LED low voltage transformers specific for LED landscape fixtures. For fluorescent lamps, fluorescent ballasts and fluorescent emergency ballasts do the work of regulating power. Another special type of driver is the emergency backupinverter, which provides power to emergency lighting systems.

LED Surge Protectors

Surge protectors or surge suppressors keep the fixtures and equipment safe from voltage surges or spikes. A sudden spike in voltage could potentially damage the fixture or equipment, so a surge protector essentially blocks or shorts the circuit to prevent this. Surge protection devices are installed in heavy-duty industrial systems to protect against electrical spikes that come from the power source or those caused by lightning. Smaller versions of these surge suppressors are found in homes similarly to protect household appliances. 

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are essential devices for fire safety in the home and office. Installing smoke and CO detectors in every room and level of the house is important to reduce deaths and injuries from fires and dangerous or combustible gases. Technological advances in fire safety have greatly improved how smoke and carbon monoxide detectors work. Combining multiple sensor and alarm types and having interconnectable devices make detection faster and more accurate.


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Select up to 4 items to compare.