Professional Garage Lights

Professional garages require fixtures with higher lumen output and better light distribution because of their bigger size. These types of garage lights can be surface mount or suspended mount from the ceiling for easy overhead task lighting. Commercial garages include auto shops, mechanic shops, small warehouses and professional workshops.

Choose from LED shop lights, LED high bays, LED strip lights and LED vapor tight fixtures for the best garage lighting options.

Advantages of LED Garage Lights:

  • Available in surface and suspended mounting
  • Pull chain and on/off switch for LED shop lights
  • Linkable feature allows for continuous row mounting
  • Better light quality and rate life for higher cost savings
  • Energy saving alternative to fluorescent and metal halide fixtures

Residential Garage Lights

LED garage lights for home garages have less lumen requirements and lower mounting heights. LED residential garage lights are surface mount from the ceiling, but suspended mount installation is also common. LED garage ceiling lights can be installed in single car or multiple car home garages, storage rooms, utility rooms and sheds.

Choose among LED wraparound garage lights, LED garage strip lights and troffer garage lights for indoor ceiling lighting.

Garage Light Features:

  • Ideal one-to-one replacement for fluorescent fixtures
  • Choose from 2ft, 4ft and 8ft fixture sizes
  • 90+ CRI for high quality color rendering
  • Rate life of up to 100,000 hours for less maintenance

LED garage lights and LED shop lights for home garages and professional garages are low-mounted indoor ceiling lights that can either be surface mount or suspended mount. Suspended mount LED garage lights use a pendant or a hook and chain or cable to provide better overhead lighting in work areas. Surface mount LED garage lights use a junction box or surface mount bracket and are typically used for residential garages with low ceilings to provide light for storage cabinets and closets. LED indoor fixtures that can be used as LED garage lights include LED low bays, LED strip lights, LED shop lights and LED wraparounds.

LED shop light fixtures replace traditional fluorescent fixtures containing T8 and T5 lamps. Depending on the type of garage, most fluorescent linear lamps can be replaced by LED strip lights or LED shop lights. LED residential garage lights come in 2 feet, 4 feet and 8 feet linear strip lights. LED wraparound garage lights and LED garage strip lights are commonly used in home garages, sheds, storage rooms, utility rooms and closets for surface mount installation. LED shop lights are also used if suspended mounting is more applicable. Use residential garage lights for single car or multiple car garages.

Professional garages may need higher lumen output and more fixtures because of their bigger sizes and more space. Some professional garages also have higher ceilings that require the light to be suspended from a pendant or chain. Aside from LED strip shop lights, LED wraparound shop lights and LED workshop lights, some commercial garages use linear and round LED high bay garage lights and LED low bay garage lights for greater light output. Professional garages include small warehouses, workshops, auto shops and mechanic shops.

Garage Lighting

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