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Recessed lighting, also known as can lights, downlights, or high hat lights, is an efficient and versatile method of providing a sleek and modern touch to any room. These lights are installed directly into the ceiling, providing a clean and unobtrusive look that can brighten any room. With their unique ability to blend into the background, recessed lights provide an even distribution of light and create an ambiance of sophistication and functionality.

Benefits of LED Recessed Lighting

LED downlights are an excellent alternative to incandescent light bulbs. They use less energy than their incandescent counterparts, which means fewer energy bills. LEDs also last longer than other types of lighting, with the average LED light lasting for 11 years when used for twelve hours a day. An added benefit of LED downlights is that they do not produce any harmful materials, unlike incandescent and fluorescent tubes, which contain mercury.

LED recessed lighting technology has developed to the point that it has overcome most of the early drawbacks of LED technologies. Lighting quality is much better in terms of color rendering, color temperature, and lumen output (compared to wattage used). LED can lights have a much lengthier lifetime which means that the lights need to be replaced less often than other types.

LED Can Lights vs LED Canless Downlights

With its streamlined design, recessed lighting offers a clean and contemporary look that can elevate any room. But which type of recessed lighting is right for you: LED can lights or canless LED downlights?

LED can lights are the more traditional option, with a metal can that holds the light fixture in place. These lights are easy to install and offer a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from. Plus, they provide a bright and consistent light that can be easily dimmed to set the perfect mood. Can lights are also highly versatile - they can be installed in a variety of ceiling types and can be adjusted to direct light where it's needed most. However, they do require a bit of ceiling depth to be installed properly.

If you're looking for something even more minimalist, canless LED downlights might be the way to go. True to their name, these lights don't require a can and instead fit directly into the ceiling without any additional hardware. This means they take up less space and offer a more seamless look. This makes them an excellent choice for rooms with limited ceiling space.

So why choose one over the other? While can lights have been a popular choice for years, many homeowners are now opting for canless LED downlights. One major advantage of canless LED downlights is their energy efficiency. These lights use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means they can help you save money on your energy bill. Additionally, LED bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs, so you won't have to replace them as often.

But it's not just about practicality - canless LED downlights also offer a sleek and modern look that many homeowners love. Without the bulky canister, these lights blend seamlessly into the ceiling for a clean and minimalist appearance. And with a variety of styles and finishes available, it's easy to find canless LED downlights that complement your home's decor. Of course, there are still plenty of reasons to choose traditional can lights. These fixtures are tried-and-true, and many homeowners appreciate their classic look.

No matter which type of recessed lighting you choose, LED options are always the way to go. LED lights are incredibly efficient and long-lasting, meaning you won't have to worry about replacing them for years to come. Plus, they emit a bright and natural-looking light that's easy on the eyes. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference. Consider your home's style, your lighting needs, and your budget to determine which option is best for you.

Types of Recessed Lighting Trims

Reflector Trims

Reflector trims are the preferred choice for use in kitchens, high ceilings, and commercial applications. Reflector trims use a highly polished smooth interior trim to maximize the amount of light produced from the bulb. These trims are available with multiple tints, which can aid in either obscuring the bulb from view or warming the room.

Baffle Trims

Baffle trims are the most popular choice of all recessed lighting trims. They are the perfect choice for use in living spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, dens, and bedrooms. These trims feature large uniform grooves designed to absorb excess light. Baffles help to reduce glare and to reduce or eliminate the appearance of dark holes in the ceiling.

Adjustable Trims

Adjustable or gimbal trims are used in various applications. They can be used in general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and wall washing. These types of trims allow the bulb to "float" in the housing and give the user the ability to position the bulb to reach the desired area. A benefit of using adjustable trims is that the housing can be installed off-center, and the trim can compensate for the position of the housing and still accomplish the desired lighting technique.

Shower Trims

Shower trims are designed to protect the bulb and the interior of the housing from moisture or direct hits of water. They are the preferred choice for use in bathrooms, showers, eave lighting, and closets.

Wall Wash Trims

Wall wash trims are combinations of a directional reflector and a light "scoop" direct light toward the wall. Scoop wall wash trims are generally spaced 20"-30" from the wall and 20"-30" apart.

Recessed Lighting by Room

Recessed lighting can be a great addition to any room. The most popular rooms to install recessed lighting are the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. This type of lighting is also commonly used in outdoor living spaces.

Kitchen Recessed Lighting: In kitchens, reflector trims are highly recommended. Choose lights that are 4 inches or 5 inches in diameter to provide enough concentrated light for meal prep and cleanup.

Bathroom Recessed Lighting: The best bathroom recessed lighting options are waterproof and designed for wet or moist locations. They will resist corrosion and are less likely to short circuit over time.

Living Room Recessed Lighting: Living room recessed lighting fixtures serve a variety of purposes. If you’re looking to display artwork or accent pieces, consider wall wash trim options. If your ceilings are sloped, choose lights with a sloped trim to accommodate the space.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting: Outdoor recessed lighting is designed to stand up against the outdoor elements, including rain, storms, and extreme temperatures. These are also available in multiple sizes and trims and with a whole host of unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sizes Of Recessed Lighting Trims Are There?

The trim is the visible part of the light, therefore it should reflect your style and the application for which it is going to be used. First, you need to pick the size. Recessed lighting trims come in multiple sizes ranging from 1" to 6" in diameter. The size of the trim is a personal preference; however, larger-sized trims are able to produce broader amounts of light. Smaller trims are less conspicuous and are often seen to be more modern and architecturally desirable. Some common applications include:

  • 6" trims are still the mainstay for general residential downlight and wall wash illumination, due to their ability to accommodate a wide range of lamps, wattages, and efficient optics.
  • 5" trims have become popular for task lighting and even general lighting in smaller scale settings.
  • 4" trims are useful for task and accent lighting with short throw distances and/or lower light level requirements, such as over a bar or counter.
  • 3" trims and 2" trims are best for providing rooms with moderate and low levels of ambient lighting such as in the case of a dining room or living room.

Can You Use A Dimmer?

Yes, a dimmer can be used on most recessed lighting and can lighting. Line voltage recessed lighting can be dimmed with a standard LED or incandescent dimmer, while low voltage recessed lighting will be dimmed with either a low voltage electronic or magnetic dimmer. The type of transformer (electronic or magnetic) used in the housing will determine which type of dimmer you need.

What Is Meant By Air-Tight Downlight And Why Would I Want To Use One?

Any air-tight rated downlight has demonstrated in an independent testing laboratory environment that it will prevent airflow through the fixture. This is important because it saves money in heating and cooling costs. Just as important, some state regulations now require that new home construction use this type of downlight.

Can Recessed Lights Be Installed In A Bathroom?

Yes, recessed lighting trims and housings are suitable for damp locations (porch or bathroom) using any trim. Wet locations, above a shower or outdoors, require the use of specific wet location trims.

Recessed lighting is a versatile and energy-efficient lighting solution that can enhance the look and feel of any room. By understanding the various components, options, and installation techniques, you can create a custom lighting plan that meets your specific needs and preferences. If you need help choosing the right recessed lighting, Bees Lighting can assist you in making the best decision for your needs. With a wide range of options available, our experts can guide you through the process of selecting the perfect lighting solution for your space. Whether you need guidance on trim styles, housing choices, or understanding the difference between line and low voltage, Bees Lighting is here to help.

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