Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are the most basic part of any residential or commercial lighting system. Before all the technological advances in the lighting industry, people relied on different types of light bulbs to light up homes, offices, and outdoors. Bulbs are installed in lighting fixtures anywhere and everywhere that light is needed. As technology improved, light bulbs also progressed to be more efficient and provide better quality for us. From incandescent lighting, metal halide, and CFL light bulbs, we are now enjoying LED light bulbs to keep us safe and comfortable in our homes.

Different Types of Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs

Traditional bulbs like edison bulbs, fluorescent, mercury vapor, and HID are too expensive for consumers. They consume too much energy, have short life spans, and require constant maintenance. In contrast, LED light bulbs produce the same or higher amount of light than incandescent, HID, or CFL light bulbs but with a fraction of the wattage. LED lighting is also dimming compatible with most LED and incandescent dimmers. Some bulbs also feature comfort dimming to go from 2700K to 2200K warm white color temperature. LEDs also feature better color rendering index (CRI) with most having 80 CRI and some higher end bulbs having 90 CRI and above. LED bulbs are made with high quality materials that require minimum maintenance, resulting in less overhead costs in the long run.

Edison Light Bulbs

Edison bulbs are the closest to traditional incandescent bulbs in terms of look and style. These vintage light bulbs typically have an amber finish for a warmer glow. Edison light bulbs work using a carbon filament that acts as the source of light when it heats up. Filament light bulbs like these are best suited for decorative lighting like chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling fans in living rooms and dining rooms. Nowadays there are vintage LED filament bulbs that use the energy efficiency of LED to provide the best lighting solution.

Christmas Light Bulbs

Christmas light bulbs are specialty bulbs that are used for seasonal applications like the holidays. These light bulbs typically have a colored finish in red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow or pink colors. Outdoor Christmas light bulbs are great for patios and balconies for overhead lighting or around the garden for landscape lighting.

LED Plug-In Lamps

LED Plug-in lamps replace CFL light bulbs in recessed cans, wall sconces, and vanity lighting fixtures. They can be mounted horizontal or vertical to provide ambient or downlight output in living rooms, kitchens, and hallways. LED PL lamps are very versatile in terms of usability, plus they consume less power than other bulbs. PL retrofit lamps can fit in any 2-pin or 4-pin socket as a direct replacement or ballast bypass installation.

LED Tube Lights

As energy-efficient alternatives to fluorescent tubes, LED tube lights can save up to 50% in energy costs. T8 lamps, T5 LED tubes, and T8 U-bend are all popular types of LED bulbs that offer superior quality and performance over conventional fluorescent lighting. The range of LED tube lighting available today makes it a great option for any home, office, or workspace.

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