Indoor Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of everyday life. Light fixtures provide not only ambient lighting to homes and commercial spaces, they also add an element of design and style. Over the years, lighting fixtures have upgraded from being just functional additions to rooms; now they serve as focal points and pieces to show off and display. Anywhere you go, lighting has become an important part of designing a space, whether in the living room or office, or in the parking lot or garden. More than just providing light itself, light fixtures can set up the mood for relaxing or productivity.

Light fixtures fall into different categories, such as ceiling lights, wall lights, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. Specialty applications like under cabinet strip lighting and emergency lighting are also options to choose from. For each of these categories, there are different lighting fixtures that can be mixed and matched for each room to get a complete lighting solution. Some of the most common fixtures include flush mounts, chandeliers, recessed lights, post lights, wall sconces, vanity lights, deck lights, pathway lights, tape lights and flood lights.

Indoor lighting encompasses a wide variety of fixtures that can be both decorative and functional at the same time. Ceiling lights are the most versatile for indoor lighting, with a wide range of types, styles, and shapes. Flush mounts, ceiling fans, and chandeliers are the most common for designer fixtures that provide hundreds of different shapes and colors to choose from. For wall lights, stick to decorative wall sconces for living rooms, and vanity lights for bathrooms and mirrors. Selecting the right indoor lighting makes your home more welcoming and comfortable to come home to after a long day's work.

Commercial lighting fixtures serve more on the functional and productive side, but even now some commercial strip lights and troffers are looking more sleek and eye-catching. Though they are usually found in offices, hospitals, schools, retail stores, and industrial locations, commercial lighting is still important to provide well-illuminated and safe spaces for everyday activities.

Outdoor lighting is probably the most versatile by being applicable for both commercial and decorative lighting. For home patios, balconies, and terraces, hang some outdoor chandeliers, lanterns, and string lights to enjoy the night outside. Add some path lights and deck lights to your garden for a beautiful landscape effect. On the commercial side, wall packs, canopy lights, and flood lights improve security around houses, buildings, and parking lots.

Setting up lighting fixtures around the house is best done for each room, with the advantage being you can make each room its own theme and lighting profile. For instance, bedroom lighting uses mostly flush mounts and ceiling fans, while living room lighting has more options with chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor lamps. Dining rooms and kitchens are best served with pendant lights and recessed lights for task lighting. For outdoor spaces like patios and gardens, opt for outdoor ceiling and wall lights and landscape fixtures.


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