Barn Lighting

Barn lighting is a vintage lighting style that imitates industrial or argicultural lighting designs used for barns and farmhouses. Barn lights are most commonly used for country properties like farms and yards, but are now also used in urban homes and businesses. From being used as utility lights, barn lights can now be used for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting. The defining feature of a barn light is the large round dome shade that directs the light downward over an area, making it ideal for perimeter lighting. Barn lights also incorporate either a pendant mount or gooseneck mount for overhead mounting. When used for commercial or residential applications, barn lights provide a choice between the classic industrial style or a more contemporary style with different shapes, colors and sizes.

LED Barn Light Fixtures

Using LED for barn lighting provides a more energy-efficient and long-term solution for indoor and outdoor design lighting. LED barn lighting has a variety of mounting options and locations for a vintage look around commercial establishments like restaurants, museums and hotels. LED barn lights are also for traditional use like dusk to dawn or security lighting over driveways, porches, alleys and yards. Use LED barn light fixtures for indoor installation in kitchens, hallways, foyers and bedrooms. There is a lot of flexibility in mounting LED barn lights, whether wall mount or pendant mount is best for the application.

Gooseneck Mount

Gooseneck lights utilize a curved arm with various lengths and angles typically for indoor and outdoor wall mounting. The different angles allow gooseneck lighting to direct the light to walls or signs as an accent light or to provide overhead lighting in sidewalks, countertops and doorways. Gooseneck mounts come in different color finishes to add to the decor. LED gooseneck lights also have different sizes and angles of the shade for either a spot or flood lighting effect.

Pendant Stem Mount

A classic mounting option for LED barn lights is using a pendant stem especially for outdoor installation. Using a stem mount is more stable for suspended mounting from high ceilings like barns, stalls, farmhouses and atriums. The stem has different lengths depending on how low the light should be. The powder coat finish allows for different colors to choose from for LED pendant lights.

Cord Mount

Using a cord mount is more ideal for indoor mounting over kitchens and living rooms to provide a decorative element. Pendant cord mounts also have different color finishes and dome styles to choose from to complement the look of the room. Deep bowl domes combined with bright finishes like porcelain or brass offer a bolder look for LED barn lights, while shallow bowl domes use the more traditional farmhouse look.

Chain Mount

A more decorative form of the cord mount is the chain mount, which has the cord weaved through a chain for a more contemporary look. Suspended mount LED barn lights are famous for minimalist designs like using bulb pendants or wire cages for a more rustic feel. Use chain mount LED barn lights to pair with chandeliers and pendant lights for a dramatic look in livin rooms and dining rooms.

Post Mount

Post mount barn lighting is utilized for outdoor applications like perimeter lighting, security lighting or dusk to dawn lighting. Post mounts can be attached to poles or to a wall bracket to light up the side of barns, yards, alleys, silos and driveways. Post mount lights can have just one barn light or multiple lights in one fitting. Because of their aesthetic design, LED barn lights can also be installed in parks, gardens and parking lots.