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Warehouse Lighting

Lighting for industrial and warehouse spaces is the main component of safety and productivity. Proper lighting in open space high ceiling areas can improve the working environment, minimize maintenance, and save energy.

Indoor Warehouse Lighting

Indoor warehouse lighting makes use of high bays, strip lights, shop lights, and vapor tight fixtures to provide overhead light for large facilities. Warehouse lights can be surface mount or suspended mount to light up aisles, work stations and loading bays.

Outdoor Warehouse Lighting

Outdoor warehouse lighting makes it easier to light up building perimeters and parking lots for security and general area lighting. Use LED pole lights, flood lights, security lights and wall packs as alternative to metal halide fixtures for a more energy efficient lighting solution.

Starting with the indoor warehouse, LED high bay fixtures use a fraction of the energy of the conventional metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. They are virtually maintenance free and offer a great payback measured in months while the life spans measured in years. Bees Lighting carries large inventory and wide selection from industry leading manufacturers of LED high bays to exceed the demands of the most challenging industrial and warehouse facility spaces. 

Our warehouse lighting solution also covers interior lighting for offices, hallways, showrooms, docks and high task areas. Moreover, outside your warehouse facility, upgrading for better light are important to ensure safety and improve workforce operations at night hours. Bees Lighting outdoor warehouse lighting solution includes building lighting wall packs, pathway lighting, pole lighting and canopy lighting for parking area. 

Our warehouse lighting solution meets the goals of facility management by offering great light quality and energy efficient products while keeping the cost down. More than just an upgrade, our LED lighting solutions is a transformation in the right direction, toward a green future of lower cost, safer and more productive spaces. Call our lighting specialist today at 855-303-0665 about your warehouse lighting needs.