Warehouse lighting for commercial and industrial applications is best achieved with LED lighting solutions. LED warehouse lighting has been a staple of commercial lighting to replace old and outdated fluorescent and metal halide fixtures with energy efficient LED lights. There is a wide variety of LED light fixtures that are suited for warehouses and large-scale spaces for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Indoor Warehouse Lighting

Outdoor Warehouse Lighting

With over 1,000 light fixtures to choose from, it is very easy to attain improved lumen outputs, reduced energy consumptions, and high quality lighting for your warehouse. Starting with the indoor warehouse, LED high bay fixtures and LED strip lights use a fraction of the energy of the conventional metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. They are virtually maintenance free and offer a great payback measured in months while the life spans measured in years. Bees Lighting carries large inventory and wide selection from industry leading manufacturers of LED high bays to exceed the demands of the most challenging industrial and warehouse facility spaces. 

Our warehouse lighting solutions also cover interior lighting for other areas like offices, hallways, showrooms, docks and high task areas. Moreover, outside your warehouse facility, upgrading for better efficiency LED lights are important to ensure safety and improve workforce operations at night hours. Bees Lighting wet location and outdoor warehouse lighting solutions include vapor tight fixtures, wall packs, pathway lighting, pole lighting and canopy lighting. 

Switch now and get all the benefits of energy-saving LED technology like occupancy sensors and motion sensors, minimal hot spots, and compatible lighting controls. LED warehouse lighting is the next step in large-scale lighting for industrial and commercial businesses. Get all your warehouse lighting needs only at Bees Lighting. Upgrading your lighting from HID and fluorescent to LED keeps your warehouse at top-notch performance and maximizes your investment.

Warehouse Lighting

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