Wall Lights

LED wall fixtures not only provide bright and energy-efficient lighting to indoor spaces like bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and dining rooms, they can also be used to add to the style and design as decorative elements. LED wall lights like wall sconces and vanity lights have a variety of sizes, shapes and designs that improve the visual appearance of any room. Modern LED wall lights create different effects and can be used for ambient or mood lighting. These indoor LED wall mount fixtures can also be used for task lighting, art lighting and display lighting for artwork and framed pictures.

Wall Lighting Fixtures

LED wall lights for indoor decorative applications include LED vanity lights, LED bathroom wall lights, LED picture lights and LED indoor wall sconces. Interior wall lights and sconces are ideal for homes, hotels, restaurants, museums and galleries. LED wall lighting is a great way to save money and energy with their longer life span and less wattage consumed. Choose from different color temperatures like warm white, neutral white, cool white and daylight. Indoor wall lights also have different color finishes, flexible horizontal or vertical mounting options, and uplight or downlight direction. Use wall-mounted LED lights add a touch of style and elegance to bare walls.

Vanity Lights

Vanity lights are stylish decorative lights that provide bright uniform illumination primarily in bathrooms, makeup rooms and bedrooms. Bathroom vanity lights have a variety of styles to choose from, whether it is a traditional, designer or contemporary look you are going for. One of the most common types of vanity light fixtures is the vanity light bar, which comes in different lengths and color finishes. Vanity light strips can be mounted vertical on either side of the mirror or horizontal above it. LED vanity lights can also be bathroom wall sconces that provide the same effect.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces provide great decorative elements to hallways, corridors, living rooms and bedrooms. Choose between a classic, modern or contemporary look for interior spaces with decorative wall sconces and bathroom sconces. Different designs and color finishes like bronze, brushed nickel and chrome provide a more appealing look, plus the LED technology makes these lights more energy efficient than using regular bulbs. Indoor wall sconces provide a combination of uplighting and downlighting for decorative purposes. Wall sconce lighting is often paired with vanity lights, or as replacement for bedside table lamps.

LED Picture Lights

Highlight artworks and framed photos with LED picture lights. This type of LED wall lighting can be used in homes to light up pictures or paintings, or use it in art galleries and museums. LED picture lights are great for artwork and display lighting to put a finishing touch to the wall. The lights are normally mounted on the wall above the artwork in hallways or living rooms. The fixture can be tilted downward to modify the angle that the light hits the painting. Picture lights come in different color finishes like brass, bronze and nickel. Short and long picture lights are available to match the size of the artwork without having to use multiple fixtures. LED picture lights can also be used as display lights to light up things on shelves or cabinets.