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Bathroom Fans and Heaters

Bathroom exhaust fans and heaters are important components in residential and commercial heating and ventilation systems. Ventilation fans keep bathrooms, tubs, showers and spas smelling clean and fresh and prevent the buildup of bacteria due to the humidity. Bathrooms fans come in different varieties, with some that include a light bulb or LED light, night light, heater, motion sensor or humidity sensor. The effectiveness of bath fans rely on the fan airflow or CFM, with larger rooms requiring higher CFM or more fans. Another factor is the sound level measured in sones, which is how noisy the fan is when turned on. Bathroom fans are considered quiet or ultra quiet with 1.5 sones or less.

Bathroom Fan with Light

Bathroom fans with light may include either a fluorescent bulb, incandescent bulb, LED bulb or integrated LED light. Most fans are now using an LED light combination for more energy savings and longer bulb rate life. The included light may be dimmable and compatible with most dimmers. Bathroom exhaust fans with LED light are energy efficient alternatives to having the fan and light separate. Choose between 4" and 6" duct sizes for better airflow. Fan airflow ranges from 70 CFM for smaller rooms to 150 CFM for high capacity rooms. Ultra quiet fans with 0.8 sones and less are ideal for home and light commercial use.

Bathroom Fan with Night Light

Aside from the main light, some ventilation fans also include a built-in night light for lower illumination at night. The night light is typically less than 5 watts. Bathroom fans with night light have either a 4" or 6" duct size and operate on up to 150 CFM larger rooms. Quiet ventilation fans have noise levels withing 0.3 sones, 0.5 sones, 0.7 sones and 1.3 sones.

Bathroom Fan with Heater

Exhaust fans with heaters are convenient for fast heating within the bathroom without having to wait for the main heater to heat up the whole house. Ceiling mount fans with heaters may come with a combination of the light, motion sensor and humidity sensor for a complete ventilation and heating package. Bathroom heaters operate between 1.5 sones to 4.0 sones and fan airflow between 70 CFM and 110 CFM. The heat provided can come from an integrated heating element or from infrared bulbs.

Bathroom Fan with Humidity Sensor

Bathroom fans with humidity sensors turn the fan on or run it at full speed either when the humidity level rises too fast, or when the level exceeds a user-adjustable set-point. Humidity sensing fans can have a noise level of up to 1.5 sones or be an ultra quiet fan with just 0.3 sones. These fans also have the option to come with a built-in LED light or night light. Standard duct sizes of 4" and 6" are available, and some 6" ducts come with a detachable 4" duct reducer.

Bathroom Fan with Motion Sensor

Motion sensing bath fans automatically turn on or run at full speed when motion is detected within the sensor range. There is also an adjustable time delay for when the fan turns off or runs at low speed. Exhaust fans with motion sensor are convenient to use in bathrooms, laundry rooms and other high traffic rooms. Motion sensor bathroom fans are ultra quiet with just 0.8 sones or less, and between 80 CFM to 130 CFM.

Ceiling and Wall Heaters

Ceiling heaters may be fan-forced or use infrared bulb heat to provide ample heating to rooms and indoor spaces. Heaters can either be installed in the ceiling or inside the wall. High capacity ceiling heaters and wall heaters are used in residential and light commercial applications to heat up larger rooms like lobbies and entryways.