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Vanity Lights

Vanity lights provide excellent decorative wall lighting to bathrooms, bedrooms and powder rooms. Bathroom vanity lights come in different shapes, sizes and designs for a modern, contemporary or vintage look. Vanity light fixtures and vanity light bars will definitely improve the styling of bathrooms with different color finishes including chrome, bronze, brushed nickel and brass. Bathroom sconces are also used to provide single light on both sides of mirrors and cabinets. Vanity lights can contain incandescent, CFL, fluorescent or LED bulbs, while some use integrated LED for vanity light bars.


Different sizes of bathroom vanities require different vanity light lengths and number of bulbs. 2 light vanity lights, 3 light vanity lights, 4 light vanity lights and 5 light vanity lights make it easier to choose the right fixture for whatever mirror or cabinet size you may have. Chrome vanity lights and brushed nickel vanity lights are some of the more famous styles that provide a modern look for bathrooms. For a rustic or farmhouse style, go with bronze vanity lights or brass vanity lights.

Bathroom sconces or single vanity lights are placed on both sides of the mirror for a more decorative effect. These bathroom wall sconces can be mounted as uplight or downlight. On the other hand, vanity light bars are single light strips that are placed above the mirror that work the same way as regular vanity light fixtures. Bathroom sconces and vanity light strips can use incandescent, CFL, fluorescent or LED bulbs, or in the case of vanity light bars, have integrated LED. 

Best Vanity Light Brands