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Track Lighting

LED track light fixtures can be used for commercial and residential applications to provide spot, flood, accent, wall wash or task lighting. LED track lights are found in museums, galleries, malls, retail stores, restaurants and homes. The electricity flows through the track system and distributes it to the track heads. Different types of LED track lights are available including Halo, Lightolier and Juno systems.

LED Track Heads and LED Track Kits

Choose from a large selection of LED track lighting heads with different designs and color finishes. LED track lighting kits contain multiple track heads that are controlled as one. These fixtures can be LED-compatible or universal to accept incandescent bulbs. LED track heads come with integrated LED as part of the fixture, or require replaceable LED bulbs like BR, PAR and MR16.

120V Track Systems

Track heads get 120V power from 2 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet track sections. Choose from H-type, L-type or J-type track systems. Single circuit track systems control all the track heads connected to it, while two circuit track systems can control the track heads independently of each other. Track rails can be surface, stem or cable-mounted and can be field cut for custom lengths.

Track System and Mounting Accessories

Electrical accessories for track systems include straight and flexible track connectors, live end feeds, conduit feeds, in-line feeds and current limiters. These track accessories keep the electricity flow active throughout the track and its extensions. Track mounting accessories include stems and extension rods, pendant and ceiling kits and adapters, monopoint canopies and suspension kits. Track systems can be surface or suspended mount.