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Switch Timers

Using switch timers makes it easier to control light fixtures by setting an automatic on/off time and duration. Timer switch can control not only light fixtures but also water heaters, fans, garden sprinklers, pool, spa, pumps and holiday decorations. Light switch timers are important for home improvement energy saving. Use in-wall timers, plug-in timers, indoor timers, outdoor timers for residential and commercial. For industrial and outdoor lighting, heavy duty time switches like electronic programmable timer switch and mechanical timers can be used. Timer switches can store multiple on/off operations and have flexible intervals from 1 minute, to 7 days.

In Wall Timers

In wall timers are optimized for light load applications like fans, lighting, motors and heaters in homes or commercial offices. In wall timers are installed inside the wall and covered with a wall plate. Operating auto-off timers can be a variety of ways, including mechanical in wall timers, electronic in wall timers and spring wound in wall timers. Auto shut-off in wall timers are ideal for smaller time intervals like 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Commercial in wall timers can have intervals of up to 1 hour, 2 hours, 12 hours and 24 hours. 7-day in wall timers are also available for weekly events.

Plug-in Timers

Similar to in wall timers, plug-in timers are also used for household and light commercial loads like lights, air conditioning, heaters and appliances. Plug-in timers plug directly to a wall outlet and feature flexible multi-event scheduling and easy programming. Indoor plug-in timers and outdoor plug-in timers feature an astronomic function that automatically adjusts to daylight savings time. Outdoor plug-in timers can be used for wet location to set on/off time for security lighting, pool pumps and holiday lights. Auto shut-off plug in timers can also be used for heavy duty appliances like air conditioners, heaters and washing machines.

Time Switches and Controls

Time switches are designed for more heavy duty loads like pool pumps, water heaters, sprinklers and irrigation systems, signs and circuit boards. Time switches and controls have longer time intervals, most commonly 24 hours or 7 days. These auto-off timers provide better energy consumption management with easy scheduling and multiple on/off events in a 7-day duration. Timer switches are ideal for commercial, industrial and wet location applications that require heavy duty enclosures.

Mechanical Timers

Mechanical time switches feature a dial to set and adjust the on/off time. 24-hour mechanical timers and 7-day mechanical timers are commonly used for sprinkler systems, pool and spa water pumps and water heaters. Astronomic timers can easily adjust to daylight savings time without having to be manually changed. Mechanical timers can handle multiple on/off operations within a day and have different on/off times on different days. Since most heavy duty timers are installed outdoors, the enclosures are be made of NEMA-rated steel or plastic.

Electronic Timers

Electronic time switches are digital timers that have a screen and buttons to set the time. Electronic timers are reliable for commercial and industrial applications that require accurate on/off times. These timers also have multiple on/off intervals per day and an automatic daylight savings time adjustment function. Electronic timer enclosures are made of NEMA-rated steel or plastic with a solid or see-through cover for protection in outdoor and rugged areas. Similar to mechanical timers, these time switches also have a 24-hour or 7-day interval.

Astronomic Timers

Astronomic timers have a special function that lets it automatically adjust the time intervals to daylighting savings time and back again. The electronic or mechanical time switch adjusts to seasonal changes as the days get longer or shorter. These timers are ideal for water sprinklers, home heaters and light systems like security lights and holiday lights.