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Satco - PR Bulb - Tube Lamp - PAR Bulb - HID Replacement Lamps

Satco is a lighting company that specializes in bulbs and accessories. Satco wanted to expand their line further than bulbs so they created and are the parent company for Nuvo Lighting and is a lead supplier of LED and other types of light bulbs. Satco products are energy efficient, long lasting and come in a variety of shapes. Satco has been named energy partner of the year under the lighting manufacturing category.

Satco offers various products that can be used in commercial settings such as retail and education, or can also be used in residential settings like homes or hospitality industries. Bees Lighting recommends Satco bulbs because of their long lasting lumen power as well as the modern designs of each bulb. Whether you're looking for an A bulb, decorative bulb or tube lamp, Satco has whatever type of LED light bulb you need.