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PL LED Bulbs

LED PL retrofit lamps replace CFL lamps for better energy efficiency and longer bulb rate life. PL LED retrofit bulbs have flexible mounting options and can be installed horizontal, base up or base down in downlights, ceiling lights, wall sconces and vanity lights. Switching to LED PL bulbs is easy by using plug and play or ballast compatible PL lamps that can work with the existing fluorescent ballast and no re-wiring needed. For newer installations, ballast bypass LED PL lamps are a better option. Hybrid PL LED bulbs that work with Type A and Type B replacement types are also available for existing or new installations. LED PL retrofit lamps have better light quality and requires less maintenance for more cost and energy savings in the long run.

LED PL Lamp Base Types

LED PL retrofit bulbs use different base types depending on the CFL bulb it is trying to replace. Some PL LED lamps have a 2-pin base and others have a 4-pin base or a GU24 base. The positioning of the pins also match different sockets. The pins can be arranged in a diagonal or quad position to determine the base type. LED PL lamps have a variety of uses in indoor and outdoor light fixtures like wall sconces, bathroom vanity light bars and recessed downlights. PL LED bulbs replace CFL bulbs from 9 watts to 42 watts.

2-Pin PL LED Retrofit Lamps

2-pin base LED PL bulbs can replace both 2-pin and 4-pin CFL lamps. 2-pin base configurations include G23, GX23, G24d and G24q. The G23 and GX23 bases match sockets with 2 pins only, while the G24d and G24q bases match sockets with 4 pins. 2-pin LED PL lamps can be plug and play installed without needing to remove the existing fluorescent ballast, or they can be bypass ballast and wired directly to the electric source.

4-Pin PL LED Retrofit Lamps

4-pin LED PL retrofit bulbs replace 4-pin CFL lamps with G24q and GX24q bases. These quad base LED retrofit lamps replace 9 watts to 42 watts CFL bulbs in a standard 4-pin socket. Vertical LED PL lamps can be installed base up or base down, while horizontal LED PL lamps are installed sideways for directional light. Omni-directional PL lamps are also available and can be mounted both ways.

GU24 PL LED Retrofit Lamps

GU24 base PL LED bulbs are made to fit in GU24 sockets for downlights, outdoor wall lanterns and ceiling lights. One advantage of LED PL bulbs over CFL bulbs is the instant-on feature that prevent flickering and delays in turning on. LED PL lamps have longer rate life and higher lumens per watt so more energy is saved at a lower cost. GU24 base PL lamps can also be installed vertical or horizontal for either a directional or a 360° light.

PL retrofit lamp base types