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LED Plug in Light Bulbs

LED plug in light bulbs offer energy efficient solutions for CFL to LED conversions. LED PL lamps have different base types to accurately replace any old CFL plug in bulbs. 2 pin and 4 pin led bulbs are the most common replacement lamps, however GU24 and E26 base PL lamps are also available. LED PL lamps can easily retrofit PL fluorescent bulbs with plug and play or bypass ballast installations. CFL to LED conversion results into longer low maintenance PL lighting.

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2 Pin vs 4 Pin LED PL Bulbs

2 pin and 4 pin led bulbs differ in their ability to retrofit CFL plug in bulbs. 2 Pin led light bulbs are able to replace PL lamps with G23 or G24d sockets, some 2 pin LED bulbs have the ability to work with G24q sockets. 4 Pin LED light bulbs have 4 pins in a quadrant position, these plug in bulbs only work with G24q or GX24q sockets. 2 Pin light bulbs can be plug and play installed with magnetic ballast while 4 pin LED bulbs work with electronic ballast, some 2 pin or 4 pin LED PL lamps require a ballast bypass for direct wire installation.