Parking lot lighting is a type of commercial outdooor lighting specifically for parking areas and structures. LED parking lot lights provide broad and even illumination to large outdoor areas for the safety and security of pedestrians and motorists. There is a wide variety of parking lot lights to choose from, with each being suited for a different indoor or outdoor area.

There are two types of parking lots and each has its own lighting requirements. Outdoor parking lots are wide open spaces that require high performance lights that can cover as much ground with the least amount of fixtures. Open parking lots typically have the light fixtures mounted high on top of poles so they can direct the light downward in a wide beam angle. On the other hand, indoor parking lots like multi-level parking structures and carports have low ceilings and require a diffused light with minimal glare. They also require some level of uplight to avoid dark spots.

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Parking lot lighting comprises of canopy lights, vapor tight fixtures, wall packs and pole lights for indoor and outdoor applications. Parking lot lights are installed in multi-level parking structures, parking garages, open parking lots and carports. LED lighting fixtures greatly reduce energy consumption and minimize overhead and maintenance costs. Switching to LED from incandescent and metal halide results in better light quality and distribution, longer fixture rate life, and safer public spaces.

Parking Lot Lighting

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