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PAR LED Light Bulbs 

LED PAR spot and flood reflectors are an ideal energy-efficient replacement for indoor and outdoor incandescent bulbs. "PAR" is the abbreviation for Parabolic Aluminized Reflector and these lights are available in many different size options that provide various lumen outputs. PAR20, PAR30 long neck, PAR30 short neck, PAR38, and PAR16 LED bulbs have longer life spans of up to 50,000 hours and come in warm white, neutral white, and cool white color temperatures. PAR LED bulbs can be used for track lighting or individually as a spot light bulb. Upgrading to LED is the best way to get energy-efficient lighting that cost less money and produce less heat. LED PAR bulbs are dimmable, Energy Star approved, and have up to 5 years warranty.

PAR Sizes 

LED PAR light bulbs come in four different sizes PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38. Each of these sizes represent the diameter of the bulb and the measurements are 2, 2.5, 3.75, and 4.75 inches respectively. PAR30 bulbs are also available in two options, long neck and short neck. Each of these bulbs also have different directional beam angles making them ideal for spot light bulbs as well as flood light bulbs. Reflector bulbs are great LED replacement bulbs because they provide different sizes and functions so they can be installed anywhere. 

PAR30 LED Short Neck

Short neck PAR30 LED bulbs offer more precise directional lighting than BR LED bulbs because of the flexible beam angles. PAR30 LED light bulbs come in spot, narrow flood, flood and wide flood beam angles to match the required light output. The small diameter of PAR30 bulbs make it ideal for 4 inch recessed can lights and other spot light fixtures that require a small bulb. The short neck feature also makes it ideal for LED track lights and LED track kits. Switching to LED gives more benefits than staying with incandescent or halogen bulbs. Get more savings in cost and energy, plus longer bulb rate life and better light quality. PAR30 short neck LED bulbs are dimmable and have multiple color temperature options to choose from.

PAR30 LED Long Neck

PAR30 LED long neck bulbs are perfect for accent lighting if there is a need to control the beam spread to only highlight a specific area. PAR30 bulbs typically have 15°, 25°, 40° or 60° beam spreads for spot, narrow flood, flood and wide flood applications. PAR LED bulbs have better CRI than incandescent or halogen bulbs so these bring out the color of objects better. PAR30 long neck LED lamps are used for recessed lighting with deep cans. Most PAR30 bulbs are compatible with dimmers for single rooms or as part of a whole home system. LED bulbs have flexible color temperatures including warm white, neutral white, cool white and daylight. LED PAR light bulbs do not flicker, produce less heat and use less wattage for a more energy efficient lighting solution.

PAR38 LED Bulbs

The larger PAR38 LED bulbs are the closest thing to flood reflector bulbs but still have the same precision as the smaller directional PAR lamps. LED PAR38 lamps have higher wattage and can replace 100 watts to 175 watts incandescent bulbs. PAR38 light bulbs also have 120-277V option as well as being outdoor and wet location rated for security lights and dusk to dawn flood lights. Because of the bigger size, these bulbs will fit into 5 inch or 6 inch recessed cans for downlighting applications. Also available are PAR LED bulbs that have 90 CRI or higher for better color accuracy. Dimmable PAR38 LED bulbs are Energy Star rated and use less power that consumes less energy and increases the bulb's lifespan.

PAR20 LED Bulbs

PAR20 LED bulbs are commonly used as spot lights or installed in track lights for accent and directional lighting. The lower wattage can provide the same lumen output as incandescent bulbs, which makes it a very energy efficient alternative for indoor fixtures. PAR20 light bulbs provide better color rendering and longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, plus more savings on energy consumption and maintenance cost. Dimmable PAR20 LED bulbs are highly in demand for both residential and commercial use. These bulbs are easy to install and the 25,000-hour average lifespan will eliminate the need to keep replacing bulbs.