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Lutron Pico Wireless Control

Pico wireless controls from Lutron makes adjusting lights, shades and audio more convenient with just the touch of a button. Using Lutron's patented Clear Connect RF technology, light bulbs, automated window shades, audio systems and thermostats can be controlled from anywhere in the house. Pico scene keypads have preset configurations based on the room type or the ambience desired.

Pico wireless controls are battery-operated and easy to install in a number of ways. Keypads can be installed on any wall surface with a wall plate, or on a tabletop or desk with the matching Pico pedestal. Choose from 2-button, 3-button and 4-button configurations with night light and raise/lower buttons. Different keypads are compatible with different devices like lights, shades, blinds, audio and screens.

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Lutron Pico Remotes

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