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Lithonia LED Recessed Downlights

With Lithonia recessed downlights, upgrade your existing incandescent commercial housing for a more energy efficient LED technology in a short amount of time. Find 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, and 8 inch recessed downlight fixtures. All fixtures are energy star certified and come with a 5 year warranty.

Lithonia LED Downlight - LDN Series

The Lithonia LDN downlight series comes in square and round shapes and size apertures of 3,4,6 and 8 inches. These downlights are great LED replacement fixtures for incandescent lights and can offer a lumen output of anywhere from 500 lumens to 5000 lumens. The color temperatures available are cool white, neutral white and warm white.

Lithonia LED Downlight - RV Series

 Lithonia LED RV series retrofit downlight are available in 8 inch apertures and can replace incandescent lights of 200 or 300 watts. Recessed downlights can be installed over existing downlights to ease the instillation process. RV series downlights are Energy Star certified and are eligible for rebates. These fixtures can also be dimmed.

Lithonia LED Downlight - WF Series

The Lithonia LED WF downlight series features a very thin downlight and is ideal for low ceilings. With easy instillation, this downlight is perfect for various spaces such as closets, garages or bathrooms. These downlights are available in bronze, matte black, or brushed nickel. In addition, these downlights are able to be used in wet locations.

Lithonia LED Downlight - G Series 

G series Lithonia LED downlights are adjustable and designed to be installed on ceilings with slopes to provide directional lighting. The gimbal reflectors can rotate 180 degrees and have a tilt of 35 degrees. It is available in multiple trims to provide style that can go well with any type of home color theme. In addition to being adjustable, they are easy to install. 

Lithonia LED Downlight - E Series 

The Lithonia LED E series downlight is an energy efficient and low maintenance fixture. This fixture is an incandescent replacement of 65W. The light colors available are warm white and cool white. It can be used as a retrofit or as a separate fixture. It can be installed in various locations whether they are residential or commercial. 

Lithonia LED Recessed Kit 

Recessed LED kits by Lithonia are complete kits that include the wires, housing and trim necessary to install a downlight. This kit provides good lighting and still remains energy efficient. The kit has a powder coating and this is intended to prevent rusting. 

Lithonia Recessed Housing

Recessed housing is available in 4" and 6" openings and metal construction. They are intended for air tight instillation and are suitable to be easily installed in all types of ceilings. In addition to recessed housing, there is also remodel housing available.