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Lithonia LED High Bay

Lithonia Lighting LED High bay fixtures bring modern LED efficiency to replace traditional fluorescent or metal halide high bay fixtures. LED High bays have a long low-maintenance life and can be found in linear or round designs. Lithonia offers different LED high bay series that have different lumen packages and color temperatures. Lithonia LED high bays are able to be mounted as high bays or low bays and are excellent to mount in locations such as indoor warehouses, retail spaces, gymnasiums, distribution centers, packaging facilities, manufacturing plants, big box retailers and many more large indoor commercial spaces.

Lithonia IBE LED Linear High bays

Lithonia IBE LED High Bay

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Lithonia I-Beam IBE linear LED high bay is a reliable LED solution to replace traditional HID and fluorescent fixtures. Lumen packages range from 12000 - 15000 lumens making it able to replace up to a 400W metal halide fixtures. IBE series can be mounted as low bay and high bay.

Lithonia JEBL LED Round High bays

Lithonia JEBL LED High Bay

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Lithonia JEBL round LED high bay offers a round high bay style to replace traditional fluorescent and metal halide fixtures. With an LED life rate of 54,000 hours, the JEBL LED high bay is reliable to be mounted in large indoor commercial spaces.

Lithonia IBH LED Linear High Bay

Lithonia IBH Contractor Select LED linear high bay is a very cost-effective and reliable fluorescent and HID replacement for commercial and industrial purposes. With lumens of up to 36,000 and 350 watts, these high bays can be mounted up to 40 feet high. Diffuser lens, occupancy sensors, and dimming drivers also available as options to save more energy and extend fixture life.

Lithonia IBG LED Linear High Bay

Lithonia IBG linear LED high bay is the perfect replacement fixture for HID or fluorescent high bays. The structure of the fixture is shaped to provide horizontal or vertical lighting. This fixture can be installed in various indoor locations with ceilings as high as 60 feet and provide up to 20,000 lumens. It can be mounted to be suspended or can be mounted to the ceiling with a compatible accessory.

Lithonia JCBL LED Round High Bay

The Lithonia JCBL LED high bay is a dimmable and damp-rated solution to replace up to 400 watts HID or 6-lamp T5HO high bays. This LED high bay is made in the traditional round form with aluminum or acrylic reflector option. The JCBL high bay is highly configurable and comes in 18,000 or 24,000 lumen packages for heights up to 30 feet.

Lithonia JHBL LED Round High Bay

Lithonia's JHBL LED high bay is a high performance, heavy industrial solution for extreme climates and demanding areas. The fixture is IP65 rated to protect against dust, moisture, chemical contact, and airborne contaminants. This LED high bay is constructed with rugged die-cast aluminum for heat dissipation and corrosion resistance, and is ideal for manufacturing, arenas, cold storage, and wet environments.