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Lithonia BLT Series LED Troffer

Lithonia Lighting LED BLT and BLTR series LED troffer offers an excellent solution to replace and save on energy cost over traditional CFL troffer fixtures. The BLT LED luminaire has a popular center basket design that gives excellent volumetric distribution. BLT and BLTR LED troffers have a high performance curved ribbed extruded acrylic diffuser. BLT series LED Troffers are proper LED Troffers that require The old fixture and ballast to be removed to be installed. BLTR LED Retrofit fixtures can be an easy installation as only the old lens must be replaced to have a new LED troffer fixture. BLT / BLTR LED Troffers fit into standard 15/16" and narrow 9/16" T-grid ceiling systems that make them ideal to mount in applications such as offices, classrooms, conference rooms and hospitals.

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BLT & BLTR Series troffers are available in 1x4 , 2X2 and 2X4 sizes for any office application. Lighting can also be chosen based on color temperature, available colors temperatures are 3500K warm white, 4000K neutral white and 5000K cool white. Lithonia BLT series Troffers have optional drywall grid adapters and surface mount troffer kits, LED emergency battery drivers are also optional along with ceiling mount occupancy sensors. Shop Bees Lighting selection of BLT and BLTR LED troffers.