Strip lights are linear fixtures commonly used for residential and commercial applications that require accent lighting. A strip light is flexible and can be one of the following: LED tape lights, LED linear lights, neon lights, rope lights, or string lights. LED light strips also come in different lengths and have the advantage of being connectable for longer runs around rooms, tables, or counter tops.

Strip lights have a variety of indoor and outdoor uses and are very easy to install using extrusion channels or 3M adhesive tape. Linear strip lights that are UL listed for wet location are ideal for outdoor lighting design.

LED light strips offer a variety of colors to choose from. Whether you need white, red, blue, green, gold, yellow, pink, or color changing LED lights, there is a linear strip for you. They also come in 120 Volt, 12 Volt, and 24 Volt input voltages for easy hardwired or plug in installation. LED strip light kits already contain the necessary power supplies and accessories you need such as remote controls, mounting channels, clips, end caps, and extensions.

As an added advantage, newer strip lights can now be integrated into your smart home lighting system. Smart LED tape lights can be connected to your wi-fi and controlled with your smart phone. You can easily increase or decrease the brightness and change the color of your strip lights.

We offer a large selection of flexible LED strip lights which are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. Strip lights are extremely versatile and can be used in a number of installations for residential as well as commercial spaces. See which one of tape lights, rope lights, string lights, or neon lights work best for your lighting needs.

Bees Lighting offers the top brands when it comes to strip lighting like American Lighting, Diode LED, Nora Lighting, Elco Lighting, and GM Lighting. We have lighting experts that can help you find the best strip light for your home or commercial space. Get the best deals and free shipping all the time when you order online.

Types Of Strip Lights

One of the most common types of strip lights is the LED tape light. LED tape lights come in different colors, lengths, and light outputs. Tape lights come in reels and have the option of being in RGB color or white color. LED tape lights can also be tunable white that allows it to change from warm white to cool white to daylight color temperatures. They come in pre-defined lengths or reels but are field cuttable to fit any space. LED tape lights are also suitable for wet location applications like soffits and awnings. These strip lights are ideal as accent lights for commercial purposes like restaurants and clubs and around building coves and eaves.

To maximize tape lights, you need the accessories to customize them. Tape light accessories include aluminum extrusion channels, connectors, cables, remote controls, and mounting clips. Tape light channels and mounting clips allow you to easily mount the strips in any configuration and to direct the light where it needs to be. The tape light connectors and cables are necessary for connecting multiple strips into a longer run. Remote controls are used with RGB and RGBW tape lights so you can change the color conveniently.

Flexible LED linear lights are 120V strip lights that are ideal for outdoor wet location lighting. They are alternatives to tape lights or rope lights to light up soffits, coves, awnings, and building perimeters. Outdoor linear strip lights are also great for sign lighting as replacement for tube lights. They can easily be wrapped around the building or bent into different shapes to light custom areas and applications.

Another type of strip flexible lighting is the LED rope light, which is similar to a tape light but has a transparent PVC tube and has 360° light. Rope lights also come in reels and are perfect for outdoor display lighting and Christmas lighting for gardens, signs, statues, and building facades. Rope lights have different lengths and are field-cuttable for custom lighting applications.

Neon lights are a special type of strip lighting that comes in a variety of colors like white, green, blue, red, pink, and gold. Neon lights are great for indoor and outdoor ambient lighting in decks, patios, soffits, and coves. These can be mounted in a continuous row around houses, walls, rooms, and landscape areas. They also have great applications in commercial spaces like restaurants, bars, and clubs.

The last type of strip lighting is the outdoor string light. This is mainly used for ambient and accent lighting in patios, balconies, backyards, and porches. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for parties and outdoor activities using these hanging lights. String lights provide a comfortable environment with a vintage touch to your outdoor spaces.

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