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Just as much as the inside of your home needs great lighting, so does the outside areas like the garden, patio, deck, and backyard. Landscape lighting fixtures allow you to enjoy a nice night out with family and friends in your own backyard to dine, talk, and spend quality time. There are a lot of ways to maximize outdoor lighting solutions to your own benefit. Mix and match different light fixtures and see how well they all work together.

Probably the most common fixture in this case is the landscape flood light. They are ideal for uplight applications like wall washing, wall grazing, and mood lighting. Use landscape flood lights and spot lights to highlight statues, trees, sculptures, fountains, and other garden ornaments. They are also used best to emphasize architecture like gazebos, decks, and arches. They create a beautiful contrast of light and shadows that have a very pleasing effect.

Another important component of a good landscape lighting project is the presence of pathway lights. These are placed along walkways and steps to light up the path, or as an accent light around plants and bushes. Pathway lights and pagoda lights have different shades to choose from to easily match your outdoor decor. Place these path lights around you garden or backyard to make the space more enjoyable.

Deck lights and step lights are another set of landscape fixtures you would want. Deck lights, step lights, and rail lights are ideal to place around your porch or patio as accent lighting. They also help keep the area safe to prevent people from falling down or tripping.

Other types of landscape lighting include bollard lights, well lights, and pond lights. Bollard lights work in the same way as path lights for lighting pathways. They are usually bigger and taller so they can light up a wider area. Well lights and in-ground lights are buried underground and provide uplight for driveways and walkways. They are also used for wall wash and accent lighting around plants and trees. Pond lights are wet location submersible lights for fountains, pools, and other water elements you may have.

With all these landscape lighting options, it won't be hard to create your own lighting system for your garden or patio. Keep in mind that both 120V line voltage and 12V low voltage landscape lights are available. Consult your electrician to determine the appropriate voltage rating for your project.

niversal appeal of landscape lights lies in their design, construction, and style. For finishes, the best sellers are bronze, brass, black, aluminum, and stainless steel. These fixtures usually come in warm white light color to exude a comfortable and inviting glow. In terms of construction, metal, aluminum, and brass exude a premium and high-quality feel.

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