Top choice for warehouses and high ceilings


For offices, classrooms and hospitals


Ideal for retail stores and industrial spaces


For low ceilings like storage rooms and kitchens


Ideal for workshops, garages and retail


IP65 fixtures for outdoor and wet locations

About Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting offers functional LED lighting for applications like warehouses, schools, offices, and retail. From fluorescent and metal halide, commercial lighting fixtures now come in integrated LED, which offers more light output, flexible color temperatures, and higher lumens per watt efficacy. Commercial LED lighting also provide longer rate life and require less maintenance and upkeep, saving on installation and replacement costs in the long run. They also provide more energy efficiency to increase cost savings for a better lighting solution.

What are the Types of Commercial LED Lighting?

Commercial LED lighting includes high bay lights, troffer lights, strip lights, grow lights, and work lights. These can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. For indoor applications, replace fluorescent 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 linear fixtures with LED high bays, LED wraparounds, LED shop lights, and LED troffers for local stores, classrooms, workshops, warehouses, and mechanic shops. For outdoor applications, use LED work lights, LED grow lights, and LED vapor tight fixtures in a variety of wet location requirements. Commercial lighting also involves emergency lighting including exit signs and emergency lights, sign lighting, refrigerated display lights, dock lights and hazardous location fixtures.

  • LED Bay Lighting

    LED high bays are the top choice for warehouse and industrial lighting solutions. They can be used for both low ceiling applications like garages and workshops, as well as high ceiling locations like airports and arenas.

  • LED Troffers & Panels

    LED troffers and LED flat panel lights are low profile light fixtures that provide glare-free light to indoor areas like offices, classrooms, hospitals, car dealerships and convenience stores.

  • LED Strip Light Fixtures

    Commercial LED strip lights are versatile 4ft or 8ft linear fixtures that can be suspended or surface mounted from the ceiling. Use them for grocery and retail stores, garages, warehouses and storage units.

  • LED Wraparound Lights

    LED wraparound lights are ideal for low ceiling areas that require a bright diffused light like kitchens, sheds, stairwells and storage areas. These linear fixtures come in 2ft and 4ft lengths.

  • LED Shop Lights

    LED shop lights are suspended mount fixtures that provide overhead task lighting for garages, mechanic shops and workshops, and can also be used for retail and low bay applications.

  • LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

    For outdoor and wet location areas, LED vapor tight fixures are perfect because they are sealed against dirt and moisture. Look for IP65 and IP66 rated fixtures for car washes, manufacturing plants and factories.

  • LED Work Lights

    LED work lights are temporary high bay lights that are used for highway and construction zones to support safety and productivity. They can be individual flood lights or multiple lights in a string.

  • Grow Lights

    Grow lights are LED or HID horticulutural fixtures or bulbs that support the growth and flowering of plants by providing full spectrum and UV light. They are useful for greenhouses and plant nurseries.

  • Exit Lights

    Exit signs and emergency lights are specialty light fixtures that promote safety and security for buildings and homes during emergencies. They are equipped with emergency battery backups to ensure continued operation during power outages.

  • LED Sign Lights

    LED sign lights are used for retail and advertising for store fronts, restaurants, billboards and signages. Choose from integrated LED sign light fixtures or LED T8 sign bulbs.

  • LED Cooler Lights

    LED refrigerated display lights are commercial linear fixtures used in grocery store refrigerators, multi-deck shelfs and cold storage rooms to provide ambient or overhead light for shopping convenience.

  • LED Hazardous Location Fixtures

    Hazardous location lights are specialty fixtures that are certified Class I, Division 1 and Class I, Division 2 for protection against flammable gases or vapors that could cause fires or explosions.

  • LED Dock Lights

    LED dock lights are submersible flood lights ideal for shipping docks, decks and piers to provide light and improve security around the area.

Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting over Traditional Fixtures

One of the advantages of LED commercial lighting is they have flexible mounting options, such as surface mount or suspended mount with hook and cord, pendant, or chain. They also provide more light output for the same or less wattage consumed. For instance, a 2x2 LED troffer can provide an average of 4000 lumens for only 40 watts or less. Commercial light fixtures with integrated LED also offer a wide range of color temperatures from 2700K warm white to 5000K daylight. The 90 CRI also greatly improves light quality all around. Also look for more features like 0-10V dimming, motion sensors, and wet location rating.

Replace your old fluorescent light fixtures and metal halide lamps that consume too much power and require constant maintenance. HID bulbs have short life spans and need to be changed regularly. Their light is also too yellow and is not recommended for indoor use. For fluorescent T8 and T5 lamps, maintenance and energy consumption is also a big issue especially for commercial and large-scale installations. These are the problems that LED provides solutions for.

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