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Legrand - Wall Plates - Switches - Dimmers - Outlets - Motion Sensors

Legrand began originally in France and has grown and expanded to multiple countries today. Their mission is to provide electricity and light to people all over the globe. Legrand wants to consistently improve the experience their consumers have when purchasing and using their products. The company offers a large selection of products to assist in the use and functions of various fixtures such as fans and lights. While these items are quite minimal, they help most people make their daily lives easier.

Legrand products range from motion sensors and photocontrols to dimmers, timers, wall plates and switches. In addition to these controls, they also carry different types of outlets and receptacles. These items are essential additions for every room in every office, building or warehouse. Bees Lighting offers a large selection of Legrand products and we recommend multiple products. Switches, dimmers, wall plates and outlets are essential items and we carry them in four different colors to ensure every part of your space matches cohesively.