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LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

LED vapor tight lights are energy efficient durable enclosed fixtures designed for wet and damp to withstands rugged environments. Vapor tights are offered in a linear or a jelly jar gasketed designs for pendant or surface mounting installation on the ceiling or wall. The LED vapor tight fixtures are ideal for carport, parking garage, canopies, storage rooms, garden centers, food service and most wet locations commercial and industrial applications. Shop at Bees Lighting for the large selection of LED vapor proof lights and enjoy the savings and fast shipping .

LED Linear Vapor Proof Fixtures

The linear LED vapor tight lights are typically available in 2 ft, 4 ft and 8 ft fixture length. Bees Lighting carries various selection of linear LED vapor tight fixtures to meets most of the applications of damp and wet Location including the IP rating of IP-65, IP-66 and IP-67. Bees Lighting also ensures to stock LED vapor proof lights that are LM80 or LM79 Certified to test Lumens and Long Rate Life and options of NSF splash zone rated for food service applications. These LED linear fixtures are available in high impact clear or frosted lens for high lumen output. LED vapor tight strip lights are ideal for overhead task lighting, car washes, tunnels, stair well, canopies, schools, hospitals, cold storage parking and garage Lighting and exterior retail environments where moisture or dust is a concern. 


LED Vapor Tight High Bay Fixtures

LED high bay vapor tight fixtures are a great solution when needing to light a large area like a warehouse. These vapor tight high bays are capable of replacing more than 4-lamp fluorescent fixtures. Vapor proof high bays are also more sturdy and protected they hold an ingress protection rating of IP66 or IP67. LED vapor proof high bays are protected from water jets, dirt and dust, this makes LED vapor tight high bays an ideal choice in commercial lighting. Bees Lighting carries a selection of configurable LED vapor tight high bay fixtures where the consumer may decide on color temperature and lens or diffuser options. With fiberglass housing and NSF rated products that are enclosed and properly gasketed LED vapor tight high bays are ideal for areas like warehouses, retail, food processing, rough environments,  and moisture prone areas. LED wet location high bays come with dimmable options for efficient lighting and energy cost savings. LED Vapor proof high bays can be mounted on the ceiling or suspended.

LED Vapor Tight Jelly Jar Fixtures

This LED Vapor Tight Fixture provides years of maintenance-free illumination for indoor or outdoor use in residential & commercial applications. LED Vapor Proof Jelly Jars are used to replace Incandescent and CFL Fluorescent fixtures. LED Vapor Tight Jelly Jars are a great choice to illuminate near moist areas. LED Vapor Proof Jelly jars have an Ingress Protection of IP65 or IP66. Making these suitable for wet Locations and heavy moisture. The come in a Variety of Aluminum or Die-cast Aluminum Housing with a non-corrosive feature and Shot Blasted Guard. Jelly Jars can be Mounted on the ceiling, pendant or on the wall. This is a great Commercial LED vaportite light to be used for doorways, warehouse lighting, cold storage and can be quickly adapted to an existing junction box or can be mounted with an included surface mount junction box. Bees carries LED jelly jars with Color Temperatures of 3000K, 4000K and 5000K. 

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures

LED ready vapor tight fixtures come with no lamps or tubes. This LED vapor tight fixture is built with no ballast and has non-shunted single end sockets. They are used for replacing existing Linear fluorescent T5 and T8 bulbs with LED T8 tubes. Bees Lighting carries selections with Polycarbonate housing and 2-Lamp or 3-Lamp vapor tight channels. Clear Lens options. LED Ready Vapor Tight Fixtures use LED T8 tubes that a more efficient than Fluorescent's and Provide Longer rate life compared to regular Light tubes. These Fixtures come in a Polycarbonate White housing and is a great solution for quick replacement from fluorescents to LED tubes