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Hardwired Under Cabinet Lighting

Hardwired under cabinet lighting runs on 120V voltage and can either be direct wire through a junction box or plug in using a power cord. These under counter LED lights have linkable and dimmable features for kitchen under cabinet lighting. Hardwired LED under cabinet lights are ideal solutions for shelf lighting, cove lighting, and task lighting.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting Direct Wire vs. Plug In

There are two types of hardwired under cabinet lighting that use 120V voltage: direct wire and plug in. Direct wire under cabinet lighting is hardwired directly to the power source through a junction box. These normally come with an on/off switch built-in to the fixture. On the other hand, plug in under cabinet lighting comes with a cord and plug that can easily be inserted in a wall outlet. Most under counter LED lights have options for both wiring types, and all wiring accessories such as the junction box and cord can be purchased with the fixtures.

Making under counter LED lights linkable is easy using direct connectors for continuous row mounting. Get more energy savings by using dimmable LED under cabinet lighting for kitchen cabinets, display cases, and bars. Choose from different color temperatures like 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K to provide the right amount of brightness to task areas around the house and office. LED cabinet lighting usually comes in 12 inch, 24 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch length options to minimize the number of fixtures needed while providing better light output.