LED Tube Lights

LED tube lights are ideal one-to-one replacements for traditional T5HO or T8 linear fluorescent lamps. LED tube lamps are more energy efficient and cost effective because of their longer life span, better light output and lower power consumption. LED T5 tubes and LED T8 tubes do not flicker or burn out easily and provide bright and even lighting to office spaces, retail stores and storage rooms. LED retrofit tube lamps can easily replace 32 watt T8 or 54 watt T5HO fluorescent linear lamps. Get up to 50,000 hours of warm white, neutral white or cool white light output with combined high CRI.

LED tube lights have a variety of bulb shapes and lengths to choose from. Choose from 2 feet, 3 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet LED lamps with bypass ballast or direct replacement plug and play tube replacement options. Bypass ballast lamps require single ended or double ended rewiring and taking out the fluorescent ballast. Plug and play tubes are ballast compatible and do not require taking the ballast out. LED retrofit tube lamps come in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. Benefits of switching to LED replacement lamps include damp location and wet location rating, NSF and DLC certifications, and 90 CRI option. Upgrade to LED tubes now and discover more long term energy and cost savings. LED tube lamps are dimmable and are compatible with most LED dimmers, and have up to 5 years warranty.

LED T8 Tube Lights

The most popular bulb shape for LED tubes is the T8 lamp. LED T8 tube lights can be used in a variety of applications including retrofit for strip lights, vapor tight fixtures, troffers and high bays. They can also be used as standalone bulbs in storage areas, stairwells, retail stores, offices, garages and parking lots. T8 LED lamps replace 32 watt fluoresccent T8 bulbs for a more energy efficient lighting solution. Choose among 2ft LED T8, 3ft LED T8, 4ft LED T8, 5ft LED T8, 6ft LED T8 and 8ft LED T8. LED tubes require less maintenance and are easy to install.

Bypass Ballast vs Plug and Play LED Tubes

LED retrofit T8 bulbs can be wired and installed two different ways. The first one is through direct wire or bypass ballast installation. Direct wiring requires the fluorescent ballast to be removed and the LED lamp uses line voltage from the sockets. Bypass ballast LED tubes can either be single ended or double ended. Single ended T8 lamps get power only from one end with a non-shunted socket and none from the other. Double ended T8 tubes are wired at both sides and the electricity flows through both sockets.

The second installation option is the ballast compatible plug and play LED T8 lamp. Plug and play T8 bulbs are used as direct replacement without having to take out the existing ballast. These lamps are double ended and connect both sides to the ballast for power. A special kind of installation is for hybrid LED tube bulbs. These bulbs can use both direct wire and ballast compatible installations.

T8 LED U-Bend Lamps

U-bend LED lamps are plug and play replacements for fluorescent tubes. T8 LED U-bend lamps can replace 32 watt fluorescent bulbs and operates through the existing electronic ballast. These alternatives to LED linear T8 lamps can also be used in a vareity of applications and work as effective in reducing energy and maintenance costs. U-bend lamps have a wide beam angle to cover a greater area even with less bulbs used.