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Bypass Ballast LED T8 Tube Lights

Direct wiring the LED T8 to the line voltage is one option to retrofit a fluorescent lamp. Using the Type B mode needs the electronic fluorescent ballast to be disconnected and the sockets wired directly to the input voltage. Bypass ballast T8 lamps are either single ended or double ended and the sockets might need to be replaced to non-shunted before installation. Use LED T8 for linear fixtures like high bays, strip lights, vapor tight fixtures and troffers.

Type B LED T8 Tubes

Type B LED T8 bulbs are not compatible with fluorescent ballasts so these need to be connected directly to the line voltage to work. The lamp sockets also need to be the non-shunted type with separate wiring contacts for the voltage to go through. In place of the ballast, direct wire LED T8 lights have an internal driver to regulate the voltage coming in. The two kinds of Type B T8 lamps use single end wiring or double end wiring. Single ended bypass LED tubes receive power only on one end while the other end is a dummy lampholder. Double ended bypass LED T8 can receive power from both ends for faster and easier installation.

Single End Bypass Ballast Wiring
Double End Bypass Ballast Wiring