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LED Shop Lights

LED shop light fixtures are typically overhead lights ideal for workshops, garages, utility and other residential and commercial applications. LED shop lights can be installed either flush mount or suspended mount with the option of linkable or on/off pull chain and plug in design. For higher light output, hardwired LED low bay and high bay shop lights, 4ft and 8ft led shop light fixtures are suggested. Explore the large selection of led shop lights at Bees Lighting and enjoy the quality and savings!

Plug-in Shop Lights

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Linkable Shop Lights

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LED Shop Light Applications

Shop lights are ideal for both commercial and residential applications and can be installed in various areas. 4 ft LED shop lights are perfect for retail stores and groceries as alternative to linear strip lights or troffers. Another application is for utility and garage lighting. These are used as LED garage lights to light up one car or multiple car garages in homes or professional garages. Suspended mount shop lights can also be used in workshops and work areas like mechanic shops, auto shops, small warehouses, sheds and storage rooms.

LED shop light fixtures come in 4000K or 5000K cool white temperatures and 80+ CRI for better light quality. Individual shop light fixtures come with its own cord and plug with no need for hardwiring. Most LED shop lights operate on 120V, while LED strip lights and LED bay lights operate on 120-277V. The diffused lens provides a uniformly distributed light to reduce glare and eliminate the need for more fixtures.

4 ft LED Shop Strip Lights

4 ft LED strip lights can be used as shop lights for commercial applications in retail stores, small warehouses and storage rooms. LED shop strip lights can be suspended mount with a hook and chain for lower mounting. Using 4 ft LED strip lights as shop lights have multiple advantages, one of which includes compatibility with 120-277V, whereas regular shop lights only work in 120V. Other advantages include surface mounting for low ceilings and 0-10V dimming.

8 ft LED Shop Strip Lights

For shop light applications that require longer fixtures, 8ft LED shop strip lights are the ideal choice. 8 ft LED shop lights can be used mostly for commercial applications that need large amounts of light. Choose between 4000K and 5000K color temperatures. 8ft LED shop strip lights produce high lumen output and have high efficacy for more energy savings.

LED Bay Shop Lights

LED low bays and LED high bays can also be used as LED shop lights for warehouse and high ceiling applications. LED bay shop lights can be the round or linear shape and are typically suspended mount using a pendant or hook and chain. Using low bays and high bays as shop lights produces a large amount of light that eliminates the need for more fixtures, thus saving energy and cost.