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LED Security Lights

LED security lights are outdoor fixtures that provide general area and flood lighting with the use of an integrated motion sensor or photocell. Choose from a variety of security flood lights, motion sensor security lights, and dusk to dawn lights for lighting in alleys, driveways, parking lots, and streets.

LED security lights are a special category of outdoor lighting that include wall packs, flood lights, street lights and yard lights that have a motion sensor or photocell built in. Outdoor LED security lights improve safety and peace of mind by providing dusk to dawn or auto on/off features over a specific area. LED security light fixtures have warm white and cool white color temperatures to regulate how bright the light is. These flood lights are made with heavy duty aluminum to withstand outdoor installations. Color finishes include bronze, black and white for commercial applications.

LED Security Flood Lights

LED security flood lights come with one head, two heads or three heads that are adjustable to provide ample lighting to a general area. Security floodlights have a narrow spot or wide flood beam angle to shine light over garages, buildings and driveways. These LED security lights have no auto on/off function and need to be turned on/off manually. Install LED security flood lights to replace up to 150 watt security fixtures that use incandescent bulbs. LED security lights come in bronze, black and white finish and are made with die-cast aluminum for outdoor applications.

LED Motion Sensor Security Lights

LED security lights with motion sensor turn on automatically when movement is detected within its field of view. This is ideal for night time use in alleys, driveways, parking garages and porches where people or vehicles pass by. Motion activated LED security lights are flood lights that come with adjustable one head or two heads to point the light where it is needed most. A custom time delay can be set to turn the light off after it is activated. Motion sensor LED floodlights provide 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, and replace up to 100 watts HID fixtures. Light distributions include narrow spot and wide flood beam angles to cover smaller or larger areas.

LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

LED dusk to dawn lights covers a variety of outdoor fixtures that have a built-in photo control sensor. Installing a photocell into an outdoor fixture enables it to be used for dusk to dawn applications that automatically turn on at night and turn off during the day. Dusk to dawn LED wall packs, LED floodlights, LED street lights and LED yard lights are used in various areas like roadways and streets, building perimeters, parking garages, alleys, barns and driveways. The built-in photocell activates the fixture once the ambient light level becomes too low, and turns deactivates it once daylight is detected. LED dusk to dawn lights are ideal for security lighting to keep the light on even at night, while still ensuring an energy efficient lighting solution.