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LED Retrofit Kits

Choose from different LED retrofit kits to replace HID and fluorescent fixtures for commercial and outdoor lighting. Use LED retrofit lights to replace metal halide, fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs for longer rate life and more energy savings.

LED retrofit kits are energy efficient and cost saving alternatives to metal halide, high pressure sodium and fluorescent bulbs in commercial indoor and outdoor applications. The advantages of using LED retrofit kits include longer rate life, brighter light output and lower power consumption. For outdoor applications, LED retrofit kits are ideal replacement for HID lamps in shoebox fixtures, wall packs, post tops, bollards and canopy lights. LED HID retrofit kits also replace high bay and low bay fixtures for indoor applications like warehouses, stadiums and gymnasiums. On a more commercial indoor side, retrofits for fluorescent fixtures are used to convert T5 and T8 lamps in troffers and strip lights to energy saving LED fixtures. LED recessed can lights replace fluorescent PL lamps in recessed ceiling lights.