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LED Retrofit Kits for Recessed Lighting

LED retrofit kits for recessed lighting replace LED, incandescent or fluorescent BR, PAR and PL lamps in housing cans for recessed ceiling lighting. 4 inch and 6 inch LED recessed lighting retrofit conversion kits require a new construction or remodel housing that goes inside the ceiling. The housing typically contains the driver while the recessed module only contains the light engine. Recessed light retrofit kits are typically used for hotels, offices, bedrooms and living rooms. An alternative LED retrofit kit to recessed can lights is the LED canless downlight that already has the driver attached to the module and requires no recessed housing. LED canless downlights snap on to the ceiling and are ideal for shallow ceilings. Another alternative LED retrofit kit for recessed lighting is switching to LED surface mount downlights which are LED disk lights that can mount onto existing recessed housings.