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LED Power Supplies

LED power supplies are used to provide power to LED fixtures that require 12V or 24V low voltage input. Switching power supplies convert the AC input voltage to lower DC rating depending on the requirement of the fixture. Choose from AC adapters, electronic power supplies, and magnetic power supplies with dimmable and Class 2 features for fixtures like under cabinet lighting, tape lights and strip lights.

Switching Power Supplies

Since most LED fixtures and LED bulbs operate on low voltage, switching power supplies are attached inside or outside the fixture to convert the AC input to DC. Hardwire power supplies are connected directly to the power source and can either be magnetic or electronic. AC adapters are compact power supplies that come with a plug and cord for external connection. Look for switching power supplies that are Class 2 rated for lower risk of fire and electrical shocks. Dimmable LED drivers also exist to allow for Triac, 0-10V, or ELV dimming of LED fixtures.