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LED Low Bay Lights

LED low bay lights are used for small-scale bay lighting that doesn't require as much light as typical LED high bays. LED low bay lighting is ideal for small warehouses or convention centers with low ceilings. Low bay lights are also used for parking garages, aisle lighting, and in workshops and workstations as substitute for LED shop lights. LED low bay fixtures typically replace 175 watts to 250 watts metal halide or 2-lamp T5HO to 4-lamp T8 fluorescent lamps. Choose from linear LED low bays, round LED low bays and UFO LED low bays.

LED Low Bay - High Bay Lights

LED low bay lights means a high bay mounted to a lower ceiling, generally a low bay fixture has less lumens as too much light is not always necessary. However, LED low bay lights can work with multiple applications such as mounting high lumen high bays in a low ceiling machine shop, lower lumen lower ceiling warehouse spaces . Browse through LED high bay fixtures to find the best low may lights to replace old metal halide and fluorescent T8 and T5 high bays lights.

LED Low Bay Vapor Tight Lights

LED low bay vapor tight lights provide high bay lighting for wet and damp locations. These low bay fixtures are meant to withstand moisture prone areas where water and dust are present. These low bay lights usually have an IP rating of IP65 or more. Use LED vapor tight high bay fixtures to mount as low bay for restaurants, cold storage, wet locations and many more commercial applications.

LED Low Bay Canopy Lights

LED low bay canopy lights offer low bay lighting to outdoor covered ceiling applications. LED canopy fixtures can replace up to 400W MH equal making them suitable to mount as a low bay in applications such as parking garages, canopies, parking structures, and many more commercial locations.

LED Low Bay Strip Lights

LED low bay strip lights is made possible with strips that can replace up to 4 lamp and 6 lamp T8 fluorescent fixtures. theses low bay strips can be mounted surface or suspended to bring lighting in low ceiling applications. LED strip lights tend to be thinner than other low bay fixtures making them look great in applications where low bay lighting is desired. 

Low Bay LED Retrofits

Low bay LED retrofit bulbs offer the ability to replace metal halide bulbs in existing HID high bay fixture with LED bulbs that produce more lumens at a lower wattage rating. These retrofit allow existing fixtures to remain mounted yet become more energy efficient and hold a longer life rating.