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Light Efficient Design LED High Bay Retrofit

Type-A Plug and Play LED High Bay Retrofit

Replacing traditional High bays with more modern LED solutions becomes easy with Light Efficient Design LED Type-A plug and play retrofit highbays. These bulbs can swap out an HID bulb and be screwed in for instant use. Type-A LED high bays work metal halide ballast for fast replacement.

Type-B Bypass Ballast LED High Bay Retrofit

Type-B LED high bays also replace metal halide HID fixtures easily.These bulbs require existing ballast to be bypassed. After bypassing the ballast this LED high bay retrofit bulb becomaes a great LED solution to replace existing fixtures and retrofitting them to LED saving energy cost and outputting greater long lasting performance. Drivers are built into the LED fixture to allow for easy replacement.

Type-C External Driver LED High Bay Retrofit

Type-C LED high bays are used with external drivers. These also require the existing ballast to be bypassed. Once bypassed this long lasting retrofit LED bulb can be screwed in and powered with the long lasting external driver.