LED Lighting Applications

LED lighting solutions for various commercial and industrial applications provide excellent energy efficiency and more cost savings. Switch to LED lighting for better light quality, higher lumen output and longer fixture lifespan. Shop for different indoor and outdoor applications like warehouses, auto dealerships, parking structures, retail and grocery, petroleum stations, healthcare facilities and sports arenas.

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting covers both indoor and outdoor fixtures for a complete industrial lighting solution. Choose from LED high bays, canopy lights area lights and strip lights.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting involves fixtures for parking structures, building exteriors, stairwells and canopies. Parking lot lights include LED area lights, canopy lights, strip lights and wall packs.

Arena lighting

Horse Arena Lighting

Horse arena lighting is installed in barns, stalls, rodeos and tracks. Use low bays, area lights and flood lights to light up indoor and outdoor locations.

Gas Station Lighting

Gas station lighting for petroleum canopies and convenience stores include LED canopy lights for gas stations, vapor tight fixtures, area lights and wall packs.