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LED Light Bulbs

With our great selection of LED bulbs, Bees Lighting can help you to switch from incandescent, fluorescent, CFL or HID bulbs to LED lighting. Get up to 80% more energy efficiency by switching to LED light bulbs. LED lights have longer rate life in hours than traditional bulbs so there is less need to keep replacing and buying new bulbs. LED also produces less heat, making it ideal for ambience and indoor lighting for chandeliers and table lamps. Choose from different color temperatures like 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K, all ranging from warm white and neutral white to cool white and daylight.

LED light bulbs produce the same or higher lumens than incandescent, CFL or HID bulbs but with a fraction of the wattage. LED lighting is also dimming compatible with most LED dimmers. Some bulbs also feature comfort dimming to go from 2700K to 2200K warm white color temperature. LEDs also feature better color rendering index (CRI) with most having 80 CRI and some higher end bulbs having 90 CRI and above. LED bulbs are made with high quality materials that require minimum maintenance, resulting in less overhead costs in the long run.

LED light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes depending on the brightness required or the location it is installed in. Regular LED bulbs that come in the traditional shapes are used for home or indoor applications to replace incandescent or CFL lamps. Special LED bulbs like LED corn bulbs, LED retrofit lamps and LED tube lamps are used for commercial and outdoor applications. We can also offer packs of 4 LED bulbs for a lower price than buying individual bulbs. Bees Lighting carries a wide range of LED lights from major trusted brands such as Green Creative, Satco, Light Efficient Design and more.

A Style LED Bulbs

LED A19 and A21 bulbs are the most common LED bulb shapes and resemble the standard incandescent bulb. LED A style bulbs fit in the existing socket of most incandescent bulbs. One feature of LED A19 light bulbs is the omni-directional beam angle so they can be used for both uplight and downlight applications. LED A19 bulbs sockets can be E26 Edison base or GU24 base.

BR LED Bulbs

LED BR reflectors are used for flood light bulb applications to spread light over an area. LED BR bulbs have a bulged reflector that directs the light. BR shape LED light bulbs can be frosted or clear to determine how diffused the light would be. LED reflector flood bulbs come in BR20, R20, BR30, BR40, ALR12 and R12 shapes. BR light bulbs have E26 Edison base and are dimming compatible.


LED PAR reflector light bulbs come in three beam angles and can be used for both spot and flood light bulb applications. PAR reflectors are parabolic aluminized reflector light bulbs that illuminate a limited area. LED PAR bulbs have a clear prismatic lens and are ideal for accent and directional lighting. PAR bulb shapes include PAR16, PAR20, PAR30 long neck, PAR30 short neck and PAR38.

MR LED Bulbs

LED MR16 and MR11 light bulbs are multifaceted reflector bulbs that use built-in reflectors to direct the light at certain angles. These miniature reflectors are sometimes used for track lighting to provide spot or directional light. The most common bulb shapes are the MR16 and MR11 bulbs. LED MR lights use GU10, GU4 or GU5.3 bases to fit in matching sockets. MR LED bulbs come in 120V line voltage or 12V low voltage.

Decorative LED Bulbs

Decorative LED light bulbs can be used for chandeliers and ceiling lights to add to the design of the room. Designer bulbs typically come in warm white color temperatures like 2700K and 3000K for ambience and mood lighting. LED candelabra light bulbs are candle-shaped bulbs that could be torpedo tip or flame tip for a more natural look. LED globe bulbs are globe-shaped light bulbs that could be G16, G25, or G40 shaped. LED decorative bulbs are either frosted or clear lens, and candelabra E12 base or Edison E26 base.

PL LED Bulbs

LED PL replacement lamps let you switch from fluorescent or CFL bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs. LED PL retrofit lamps can be used as plug and play direct replacements for CFL lamps in downlights, sconces and other fixtures with two-pin or four-pin base. Some PL lamps also require bypass ballast installation mode. These plugin LED replacement lamps can be mounted horizontal or vertical into the fixture for uplight or downlight. LED PL retrofits replace 13W, 18W, 26W and 42W fluorescent lamps.


PLL LED lamps are linear versions of regular PL lamps that can be used for 2x2 ceiling grids or alternative to LED tube lights. LED PLL bulbs have a 4-pin base and can be installed plug and play direct replacement or bypass ballast direct wire. PLL lamps run on universal 120-277V and come in warm white and cool white color temperatures. Vertical mounting and horizontal mounting make PLL lamps ideal replacement for fluorescent and CFL lamps.

LED Tube Lights

LED tube lamps are ideal alternatives to fluorescent T5HO and T8 lamps for strip lights. LED retrofit tubes replace 32-watt T8 or 54-watt T5HO fluorescent lamps for more energy efficient lighting solutions. LED T8 tubes can be used anywhere from kitchens and offices to garages and stairwells. LED T5 and T8 U-bend tube lights also available. Most LED tube light fixtures are plug and play direct replacement installation, while some require bypass ballast. Choose from the standard 4 feet or 8 feet LED tubes or different sizes available.

LED Filament Bulbs

LED filament light bulbs are designed to look like traditional incandescent bulbs by using LED filaments instead of LED chips. LED filament style light bulbs provide a vintage and antique look to decorative fixtures like chandeliers and ceiling lights. Vintage bulbs typically come in warm white color temperature and the bulbs are clear or coated with an amber or vintage effect.

LED Corn Bulbs

LED corn bulbs can replace a variety of metal halide or HPS lamps for more energy and cost savings. LED corn lamps for metal halide gives the same light output for a fraction of the wattage, plus longer hours of operation and less overall maintenance. LED corn bulbs can easily be installed into outdoor HID fixtures like shoebox area lights, flood lights, bollards and post top fixtures. Some LED corn cob lamps feature adjustable beam angle that allows them to be used in high bays, low bays and canopy lights.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID High Bay

High bay LED replacement lamps are easy to install retrofit solutions for metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs. LED retrofit bulbs come in medium base E26 or mogul base E39 to fit in most high bays. HID high bay retrofit bulbs produce 10000 lumens to 20000 lumens using less power than metal halide lamps, making them more energy efficient solutions for warehouses, gymnasiums and arenas. Most common equivalents include 250W metal halide equivalent, 400W metal halide equivalent and 1000W metal halide equivalent.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Low Bay

LED retrofit bulbs for metal halide low bays are ideal for lower mounting heights and smaller areas that require lighting from above. Choose between ballast bypass or ballast compatible LED retrofit bulbs for parking garages, workshops and small warehouses. Low bay retrofit lamps usually come in 150W metal halide equivalent, 175W metal halide equivalent and 250W metal halide equivalent.

LED Retrofit Bulbs for HID Wall Pack

LED wall pack retrofit kits have a cutoff design that minimizes uplight and directs the light downwards. These are ideal for retrofitting traditional wall packs with metal halide or HPS bulbs. LED retrofit bulbs for wall pack also have plug and play or bypass ballast wiring. Wall pack equivalent wattages come in 175 watt metal halide equal, 250 watt metal halide equal, 400 watt metal halide equal and 1000 watt metal halide equal.

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs