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LED Light Bars & Strip Lights

Browse through Bees Lighting LED Light bar and strip light by series. LED light bars are an excellent lighting solution to highlight and illuminate important surfaces. LED light bars are most commonly used for kitchen under cabinets, shelves, task areas, cove lighting, retail, and many more commercial and residential applications. LED light bars produce great lighting with low wattages resulting in energy cost savings. LED light bars are also available in different sizes to be able to easily mount on any surface and can be interconnected to each other to create longer rows of light.

LED Linear Light Bar

Bees Lighting carries a variety of LED linear light bars. We carry respected brands like GM Lighting, NORA Lighting and Lithonia Lighting. Browse through series to find the best linear lightbar set up needed to illuminate applications such as kitchen under cabinets, cove lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, bathrooms, vanities, display cases, retail, commercial and residential applications. Bees carries sizes as short as 8" up to lengths of 39". With a variety in color temperatures ranging from 2700K warm white to 5500K cool white. Most of the light bars are found with a 24V voltage, LTAB series is the only Lightbar to be featured in 12V. Our LED light bars have an LED life rate of 50,000 hours and can be interconnected with a variety of end-to-end connector accessories to create longer rows of light. Bring illumination to any surface with Bees Lighting selection of LED linear light bars. Consumers will find Lightbar set ups easy to shop, within the Lightbar series Strip lights are displayed along with accessroies associated and applicable power supplies.