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LED HID Retrofit Kits

Replace existing HID lamps like metal halide, mercury vapor and high pressure sodium with more energy efficient LED retrofit kits. An LED HID retrofit kit is a one-to-one replacement for metal halide and HPS bulbs in shoebox fixtures, area lights, flood lights, post top lamps, wall packs, canopy lights, bollards, low bays and high bays. Switching to LED retrofit kits consumes a fraction of the wattage with the same or stronger light output, resulting in more cost and energy savings in the long run. LED replacements for metal halide bulbs are very easy to install and simply screw in to the socket with either a medium base Edison E26 or mogul base E39/EX39. Retrofit LED bulbs also require less maintenance and have a longer rate life so the bulbs don't need to be replaced often. LED HID retrofit lamps can replace 50-watt, 70-watt, 100-watt, 150-watt, 175-watt, 250-watt, 320-watt, 400-watt and 1000-watt metal halide equivalents.

LED Retrofit Lamps for Metal Halide

LED HID retrofit lamps and retrofit kits most commonly replace metal halide HID lamps for outdoor and commercial applications. Some LED HID replacement bulbs also do equivalent for HPS or mercury vapor lamps, depending on the wattage. High intensity discharge lamps require a lot of power so the energy consumption is too high. Replacing these lamps with LED provides a more effective lighting solution. Replace any HID fixture in warehouses, parking lots, stadiums, building perimeters, football fields, parks and car dealerships. 

Choose between LED retrofit bulbs that screw inside the shoebox or high bay fixture, or LED retrofit kits that have the LED board and external driver to replace the entire fixture. LED retrofits may also be any of the following: Type A ballast compatible retrofit lamps, Type B ballast bypass retrofit lamps, or Type C ballast bypass lamps with external drivers.