LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are used for horticulture and gardening purposes. LED grow lights can be used for indoor gardens or commercial greenhouse environments to simulate heat and sunlight needed for plants to grow fast and healthy. These fixtures are suitable for a wide variety of plants and can be used through different stages of plant growth from the vegetative state to flowering state. Grow lights are used for gardening in greenhouses by dimming and adjusting the light output to provide the require heat intensity for the plant to grow. LED grow light fixtures are especially useful for hydroponics and hydroponic systems. LED grow light bulbs replace metal halide or HPS lights to save more energy and money in the long run.

LED Grow Light Bulbs

LED grow light bulbs are energy saving alternatives to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium grow light lamps. LED grow bulbs emit less heat so they can be mounted closer to plants and also reduces the need for additional cooling systems. These LED bulbs are designed to be the primary light source for indoor horticulture. LED grow bulbs cover the multi-spectrum of UV, blue, green, red and far red wavelengths. Blue and red wavelengths drive chlorophyll reactions while the UV, green and far red wavelengths enhance plant quality. LED grow light bulbs are more flexible and consume less electricity to result in more cost savings.

LED Grow Light Fixtures

LED grow light fixtures are designed for larger gardens, greenhouses and hydroponic systems. These grow lights are designed to function in damp locations and high humidity and heat conditions like greenhouses. LED grow light fixtures are perfect for year-round indoor gardening and cover different wavelengths for photosynthesis and various plant growth stages. Red LEDs are useful for seed germination, root growth and flowering; blue LEDs for vegetative growth; and full spectrum white LEDs for display lighting. Grow light fixtures also have adjustable beam angles for better light distribution.