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Flush Mount LED Ceiling Lights

LED surface mount lights fulfill a variety of indoor ceiling applications for commercial and residential spaces. Surface mount ceiling lights are low profile flush mount and pendant mount fixtures that go on kitchens, hallways, foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, stairways, lobbies and offices. LED indoor ceiling lights have different designs and styles to compliment the room. Surface mount fixtures are easy to install and have flexible installation options to mount on a junction box, recessed can or pendant. LED fixtures are ideal for indoor ceiling applications because they provide better light quality, uniform distribution and longer rate life. Choose from different color temperatures like 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K. Most LED surface mount light fixtures are Energy Star rated and have 90 CRI.

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LED Puff Lights

LED puff lights have a unique cloud-shaped acrylic diffuser that distributes the light evenly across the room. Puff light fixtures typically come in white finish and can either be round puff lights or square puff lights. LED cloud fixtures have a low profile flush mount installation for indoor ceiling applications. LED ceiling puff lights produce a homogeneous light to replace compact fluorescent bulbs. LED round puff lights also have extremely long life and come in different diameters like 9-inch, 11-inch, 13-inch, 15-inch and 24-inch. LED cloud ceiling flush mount fixtures are Energy Star rated and provide up to 50,000 hours of light.

LED Close to Ceiling Lights

LED close to ceiling lights and LED flush mount ceiling lights are energy efficient lighting solutions for indoor residential and light commercial spaces. Low profile LED ceiling lights come in round and square shapes with different designs and styles for a choice between simple or elegant lighting fixtures. They are easy to install to a junction box and require less maintenance than fluorescent fixtures. LED flush mount fixtures are ideal for foyers, hallways, bedrooms, closets, utility rooms, work areas, stairways and other low ceiling areas at the home or office. With a long life span and high quality LED chips, LED ceiling lights provide more cost and energy savings in the long run.

LED Disk Lights

LED surface mount disk lights are driverless flush mount fixtures that have the option of mounting into existing recessed can housings with torsion springs or into a junction box or shallow fixture box using a mounting bracket. LED disk lights are great alternatives to replace recessed downlights for a more slim button flush mount design. LED round surface mount lights also have a diffuser for better light output. These indoor ceiling lights are called LED disk lights because of their look that differentiates them from regular recessed downlights. LED surface mount disk lights have a dimmable feature and color temperatures of warm white, neutral white and cool white.

LED Linear Ceiling Lights

LED linear surface mount fixtures are great for indoor ceiling and wraparound applications that need a slim and low profile light. Linear LED flush mounts are used for general ambient lighting in kitchens, storage rooms, closets, corridors and utility rooms. LED linear ceiling lights come with a white acrylic diffuser for a widespread, uniform and shadowless illumination. Choose from 2 feet, 3 feet and 4 feet linear LED flush mounts. Surface linear fixtures are perfect to replace fluorescent strip lights or wraparounds because of their higher CRI, extended service life and five year warranty.

LED Square Surface Mount Lights

LED surface mount lights with special edge lit features are slim low-profile ceiling lights that have the LED chips along the edges of the fixture to avoid glare and result in an evenly diffused light. Edge lit fixtures are typically thinner than regular backlit fixtures. Square edge lit surface mount lights are ideal for various applications in walk-in closets, foyers, hallways and bedrooms. Choose from different color finishes like white, bronze and brushed nickel, and warm white and cool white color temperatures. Most square surface mount lights are Energy Star rated and have 90+ CRI for more energy savings and better light quality.

LED Pendant Lights

LED pendant lights are decorative indoor ceiling fixtures for residential and commercial suspended mounting. LED pendant fixtures are mostly used for kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, restaurant, and retail areas. Choose from different color finishes, lengths, shapes and styles to complement the room. Pendant lights are mounted to a recessed outlet box in the ceiling and the length of the drop can be customized. LED pendant lights produce less heat than regular bulbs and have longer rate life and better lumen output with less power consumed.