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LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

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LED Dusk to Dawn Lights

LED dusk to dawn lights are outdoor fixtures that come with an integrated photocell that automatically turns the fixture on at night or when light levels become low. Dusk to dawn LED fixtures save energy by turning on only at specific times, which improves rate life and minimizes installation and maintenance costs. LED dusk to dawn lights are used mostly for perimeter and security lighting outside buildings and in barns, yards, driveways, alleys and streets. Choose from warm white and cool white color temperatures like 3000K, 4000K and 5000K to replace up to 400 watt metal halide fixtures.

LED Dusk to Dawn Wall Pack

Dusk to dawn LED wall packs are ideal for doorway, entryway and facade lighting to light up porches, alleys, driveways and the side of commercial buildings. Dusk to dawn wall packs with photocell are used as LED security lights for building perimeters and around docks, warehouses, commercial areas and business establishments. LED dusk to dawn wall packs are good for general area lighting and can reach up to 10000 lumens for higher output requirements to replace 320 watts metal halide wall packs. Choose between traditional style, slim style or decorative style wall packs.

LED Dusk to Dawn Yard Light - LED Dusk to Dawn Barn Light

Dusk to dawn LED yard lights and LED barn lights are area light fixtures equipped with a photocell to light up the side of building perimeters, barn interiors, driveways and large open spaces. LED yard lights are mounted over entrances or sides of small buildings, barns, farms, garages and homes. Alternative LED barn lights can also be installed inside stalls and stables. Dusk to dawn LED barn lights and yard lights are mounted using a wall bracket or optional arm for poles. These fixtures can provide bright and even lighting to general open spaces.

LED Dusk to Dawn Street Light

LED street lights with photocell can be used for small streets and rural areas because of its lower light output and dusk to dawn feature. Dusk to dawn LED street lights are appropriate for residential and suburban areas for small-scale lighting and to minimize light pollution. These LED fixtures can be installed in street corners, parks and walkways for security purposes. LED dusk to dawn street lights have better light distribution and light quality than metal halide fixtures. They also require low maintenance which reduces overhead costs.

LED dusk to dawn street light
LED dusk to dawn yard light