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LED Drivers

LED drivers provide power to LED light bulbs and LED fixtures that require a direct current voltage rating. LED drivers are equipped with dimming control and are used to switch the input voltage to a lower or higher voltage.

While fluorescent lamps are powered by ballasts, LED fixtures need LED power supplies to convert alternating current to direct current. LED drivers are connected to the main power source and increase or decrease the input voltage depending on the required level and then feed it to the fixture. Commercial and large-scale LED fixtures use an external driver for easier replacement when the driver fails or goes bad over time. It is more cost-efficient to replace the power supply rather than the whole fixture, and there is a variety of replacement LED drivers to choose from.

Constant Current LED Drivers

Constant current LED drivers produce a fixed output current and varying voltage and wattage. Constant current drivers typically produce between 350 mA to 6000 mA for fixtures that require high power. The wattage is proportional to the voltage selected, so a higher voltage results in higher power consumption and stronger light output. Constant current power supplies are most commonly used in outdoor fixtures, especially in architectural lighting and sign lighting.

Constant Voltage LED Drivers

Constant voltage LED drivers convert the input voltage to a fixed 12V or 24V DC output. The wattage and output current vary depending on the fixture requirement. 12V constant current drivers are ideal for shorter runs and for outdoor lighting, while 24V constant current drivers are more suitable for longer runs to minimize the voltage drop. These power supplies are used for landscape lighting, channel lighting, and under cabinet lighting applications.