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Switching Power Supplies

LED power supplies are used to provide power to LED fixtures that require 12V or 24V low voltage input. Since most LED fixtures and LED bulbs operate on low voltage, power supplies are attached inside or outside the fixture to convert the line voltage input. Hardwire power supplies are connected directly to the power source and can either be magnetic or electronic. AC adapters are compact power supplies that come with a plug and cord for external connection. Look for switching power supplies that are Class II rated for double insulation for protection against electric shock and other hazards.

Magnetic LED Power Supplies

LED magnetic power supplies uses two magnetic coils inside the metal or steel housing to transform a higher input voltage into a lower output voltage. The input voltage runs through the first coil which induces the second coil with a lower voltage for the output. Magnetic LED power supplies have a long life span and are mostly used in commercial applications. Most magnetic power supplies are dimmable and work with a low voltage dimmer.

Electronic LED Power Supplies

LED electronic power supplies are often used in residential areas because of their smaller size and shorter life span. Inside an electronic LED power supply is an inverter that lowers the voltage by changing the frequency to a higher value. Electronic LED tranformers are also applicable only for shorter runs and are heat sensitive, which could reduce their lifespan.

Plug-in AC Adapters

Compact power supplies or plug-in AC adapters are some of the most common LED power supplies used for laptop computers and cellphone chargers. AC adapters have a cord that connects to the fixture and are plugged directly into a wall outlet. Compact power supplies are smaller in size and can provide 12V or 24V output. Some AC adapters come with a switch to turn off the power without unplugging.