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LED Decorative Light Bulbs

LED decorative light bulbs come in a variety of bulb shapes and bulb finishes for different indoor and outdoor light fixtures. When it comes to decorative light bulbs, LED chandelier bulbs and LED globe lights are the most prominent bulb shapes. Decorative LED bulbs make it easier for light fixtures to be more stylish and elegant with clear, frosted or transparent amber finishes. These light bulbs also fit most sockets with E12 candelabra and E26 Edison base options. Decorative LED light bulbs are used in indoor fixtures like chandeliers, ceiling fans, table lamps and wall sconces.

LED Chandelier Bulbs

Decorative light bulbs for chandeliers have a variety of options like flame tip or straight tip, and frosted or clear finish. Flame tip chandelier bulbs are the closest to having a candle light effect on candelabra fixtures. Decorative LED candelabra bulbs fit most chandeliers, ceiling fans and hanging lights in living rooms and dining rooms. LED chandelier bulbs have candelabra base and medium base for easy selection. Most decorative bulbs have a 2000K to 3000K color temperature for a warmer glow ideal for indoor use. 

LED Flame Bulbs

LED flame bulbs or decorative flickering light bulbs are specialty bulbs that mimic a flame effect for wall sconces, wall lanterns or post tops. These decorative light bulbs emit and orange glow with less than 2000K color temperature, plus a light flicker effect that makes it look like an actual flame is moving. Dimmable decorative LED light bulbs like these can be used for both indoor and outdoor fixtures. LED flame effect light bulbs have an E26 medium base compatible with most sockets.

LED Globe Lights

Decorative globe bulbs have a frosted or clear finish that make them ideal for bathroom vanity lights. These clear decorative light bulbs have a 360° beam angle for omni-directional light, plus E12 and E26 base options to fit in a variety of fixtures. LED globe lights also have LED filament versions with transparent amber finish for a more vintage or classic look. G25 and G40 LED bulbs will surely add a modern look to any indoor light fixture.

LED Filament Bulbs

Decorative filament light bulbs with amber finish are the best for a more antique look on chandeliers and ceiling fans. LED decorative filament Edison bulbs have the same style as old traditional bulbs, and the amber bulb finish provide a warmer glow for dining rooms, kitchens and bars. Clear decorative light bulbs come in a variety of bulb shapes like chandelier, globe, A19 and tubular. Choose between a E12 candelabra base or E26 standard base to replace incandescent bulbs.